"Each of us, individually and collectively, are responsible for our thoughts, words,and actions as these are energy which creates reality at any given moment. I want to share my insights into how important it is at this period of time for humanity to mature emotionally, evolve consciously and embrace the divine spark of light and love that exists and can be manifested in each of us." Leslie Beil

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Madam Secretary Clinton:

Please be forceful in your negotiation stance this week with Israel.  America literally holds the keys to peace in that region – or the purse strings I should say – as we continue to float Israel’s economy with US tax dollars in aid and weapons.   

This 60 yr old social experiment in regards to 2 states hasn’t worked and never will due to Israel’s  emotionally immature “they made me do it” mentality with their regressive, hostile, and negative mindset towards the Palestinians and Arabs in general.    To this “armchair strategist” there is only 1 solution – 1 state, 1 government, equal rights and representation for all the people. Jerusalem, being the perceived religious “birth city” of 2 billion Christians and 2 billion Muslims, needs to be considered a World Heritage Site, its own city state, over seen by the UN.

True peace comes into being when all sides integrate their belief systems, thoughts, words, and actions to resolve conflicts.  True peace happens when all involved come to the realization that they are part of a beautiful and interconnected “Oneness” with all things, including each other as we are of One Tribe.  As I was composing this I found a recent article by Alla Katsnelson, published by Nature.com on June 3, 2010 in regards to genetic ties: "Different communities of Jews around the world share more than just religious or cultural practices -- they also have strong genetic commonalities, according to the largest genetic analysis of Jewish people to date. But the study also found strong genetic ties to non-Jewish groups, with the closest genetic neighbours on the European side being Italians, and on the Middle Eastern side the Druze, Bedouin and Palestinians.”   Gives a whole new meaning to the song “We are Family!”
Lastly, please remind Israel of Golda Meir’s quote We Jews have a secret weapon in our struggle with the Arabs; we have no place to go”. Well neither do the Palestinians!
Respectively yours.
Leslie Beil

Written 9-13-10

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