"Each of us, individually and collectively, are responsible for our thoughts, words,and actions as these are energy which creates reality at any given moment. I want to share my insights into how important it is at this period of time for humanity to mature emotionally, evolve consciously and embrace the divine spark of light and love that exists and can be manifested in each of us." Leslie Beil

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Individual and Community Accountability
At a time when all of Humanity should be working together in solving our planetary problems with what I call “simple stupid solutions” there is a small group of individuals within various Corporations, Governments, and Religious Institutions who are hell bent on keeping The Tribe enslaved through negative emotions such as fear and self loathing.  Their motives are quite simple … greed, the need to be surrounded with symbols of wealth and comfort at the expense of the majority of the Planetary citizenry. Or what Prince Andrew of England calls The Great Game, i.e. sack and pillage the underdeveloped countries for the last of the Planetary Citizens SHARED RESOURCES.  http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/envoy/prince-andrew-sacked-uk-business-envoy-victim-wikileaks-204613609.html

The younger members of The Tribe may think this is a modern phenomena but it isn’t. Historically there has always been an effort for control of society to garner wealth of knowledge and material possessions for the few since Humanity came into existence.  The interesting thing is the tactics haven’t really changed much over the past thousands of years but the technology has, and it’s being ramped up to The Tribe’s detriment.  The Tribe needs to become aware of these tactics and technologies to end this vicious cycle, to embrace our commonalities verses our differences so anyone who chooses to can access their heritage as energy beings of light and love.

To that end there’s an old adage that knowledge is power and it couldn’t be more truthful today than ever. This means that ALL members of The Tribe have to do their homework, become aware of the LIES that have purposely been shoveled Our way in order to control Us.  Please take EVERYTHING you read or hear with a grain of salt because no matter the source – whether it be Television, Radio, or the Net from the afore mentioned groups - they are all “business models” based on greed and deception. Use your innate sense of Intuition and/or your heartfelt center as a guide because it will never steer you wrong if based in the emotions of love, compassion, and empathy. If something doesn’t feel, taste, or sound right, it more than likely isn’t true. Intuition, among many so called sixth sense abilities, is a gift ALL of Humanity possesses genetically.
Additionally we ALL must become Accountable for our emotions, actions, thoughts, and words  towards each other and all living creatures, including this Planet, as it is a living Being as well.  Because we are energetic beings, these “creations” are energy that do determine what type of reality we co-create and exist in. http://www.soulsofdistortion.nl/dna1.html


Remember that it’s imperative that violence is never an answer to any problem, no matter how much The Tribe is “goaded” into unseemly behavior.  We all need to be smart as our survival as species is at stake so don’t give The Powers That Be/Were (TPTB/W) to quote George Ure additional ammo. Use your “wallet” or the lack there of to become “the change you wish to see in the world” (M. Gandhi).

For example, if you know of female members of The Tribe who worked at “big box” stores that refused to promote them because “they” are women, don’t shop there. Or if a certain television program that you adore is aired on a channel owned by unscrupulous Global Corporations that purport lies as Truth, don’t watch those programs. Again, it’s time to change our collective reality with OUR wallets! Get them were it hurts the most like they have The Tribe …… their bank accountsJ

But don’t stop there! Remember, that at least for now, American’s have the right and duty to recall ANY elected official who ran on one “message” but turned their backs when seeing how profitable their personal financial futures can be when tied to donors whom they are beholding to! If you or someone you know isn’t registered to vote, it’s imperative that they do so in order to make effective change to The Tribe members political system.
The same principles can be applied to religious organizations. If, for example, one of these has a propensity for raping children and keeping empowering knowledge from The Tribe, stop giving them money to support these perverts and their collectively misguided “messages”. Or the so called holier than thou’s that preach hatred of another human being that doesn’t expound their religious views or is of a different race than themselves! Though I consider myself a heathen, the very thought of committing harm to another member of The Tribe because they don’t believe in the same spiritual "Truths" as mine goes against most of the “teachings” of the Planets “holy” books and words.

When all is said and done, WE’RE ALL ONE TRIBE WITH INFINITE POSSIBILITIES TO CREATE OUR FUTURE REALITY! The time for this change is now!