"Each of us, individually and collectively, are responsible for our thoughts, words,and actions as these are energy which creates reality at any given moment. I want to share my insights into how important it is at this period of time for humanity to mature emotionally, evolve consciously and embrace the divine spark of light and love that exists and can be manifested in each of us." Leslie Beil

Friday, May 2, 2014

THE LESLIE LETTERS Dear President Obama


No one was more thrilled than I when my country elected its first Black President. When campaigning his word energies were all about bringing Humanity into one Tribe, ending the for-profit false fear porn wars, and ending secretive government actions with transparency.  Using words like “Yes We Can”, "Change We Can Believe In", and "Help me take back America ".

But within the first year or two I began to notice something odd in regards to administrative staff and Cabinet appointments. He appointed NY Federal Reserve Chair Timothy Geithner, friend of Wall Street and big banks, to Treasury and Eric Holder Attorney General even though his previous position was at law firm Covington and Burling, the preferred law firm of big banks.  And Tom Vilsack Secretary of Agriculture who happens to be a big supporter of biotech companies like Monsanto and even kept Bush appointee’s like Ken Salazar, who was in favor of big energy companies and big agriculture.

But it was more than just who he choose to surround himself with in regards to cabinet and administrative staff. Over the course of Obama’s first term the staff grew increasingly hostile to anyone who questioned their word energies, motives, and actions.

It’s actually gotten to the point that they hired Jessica Allen as a “media monitor” who “tracks journalists’ tweets and flags them in mass emails that land in the in-boxes of more than 80 Obama aides, including chief of staff Denis McDonough, White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler, press secretary Jay Carney and senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer.”

Part of me doesn’t blame any of them because this President has hounded since the racist and bigoted GOP right emerged like a plague of locusts the night he was first elected in 2008. And main stream media (MSM), in the beginning, wasn’t of much help to the administration. 

When asked questions on hot button issues like ACA, immigration reform, and revenue generation the GOP routinely change the subject or outright lie without a peep out the reporter/journalist raising an eyebrow.    Even worse was when the GOP member being questioned answered with what EVERYONE knew were racist/bigoted word energies, the few brave journalists would call it “code”.

I started sending letters and emails, not just to President Obama and members of his cabinet, but to MSM personalities NOT associated with the Murdock media Empire. For this administration my purpose was to give them verbal fist bump’s to encourage them to “stand their ground”, to not give up on key ideals, and, on occasion, to give my advice on policy issues.

As to America’s “free” press, it wasn’t just about encouragement, but the impact of their “word energies” can have because of high speed information on their viewers and readers. And at least with MSM journalists, over the course of five years I think it worked but those are emails and letters are for another book.

Hope you enjoy my word energies.


2009 State of the Union Address  

Most people outside of the Washington DC area aren’t aware that after the tech bubble of 2000 the economy was tanking – fast, particularly in regards to defense spending. With the DC area being the biggest hub for defense contractors they were thrown into a panic because the federal government agencies were cutting their budgets drastically because of all the dollars spent on tech.

So when 9/11 happened and Bush 2.0 and fear freak Cheney chartered America’s false fear war against Iraq, they squealed like pigs in a muddy sty. At the time I was working at CSC as a contracts and procurement specialist. I was working on an immigration contract which quickly morphed into Immigration Customs Enforcement, eventually falling under the purview of the newly created Depart of Homeland Security (DHS).

In general so much cash was being thrown at all the defense contractors to come up with new tech and shiny “toys” for the boys at DOD to “fight the war on terror”, we were having a difficult time keeping up with the demands. Unfortunately for the American public none of this spending was backed by additional revenue (taxes) or bonds, leading to MASSIVE debt for our country.

When Obama was first elected in the fall of 2008 you could almost hear a pin drop around the beltway of Washington DC. Their main collective concern were the speeches he had given on the campaign trail in regards to pulling out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By then I was working for another defense contractor, SAIC, which, like most “beltway bandits”, leaned toward the conservative side of politics. But I was fortunate enough to work in an environment with more progressives than conservatives. We were thrilled beyond believe when Obama was elected. So the night before his first State of the Union Address I composed and emailed the following letter to him.

Dear President Obama:                                                                     2-23-2009                                

Lord only knows what shape our country – and the world for that matter – would be in now if you hadn’t been elected to office.  You have my utmost gratitude for taking on the tremendous responsibilities of governing this great nation of ours.

In regards to your speech tomorrow, I have a few thoughts I’d like to share with you.

1. Please reconsider, for now, trying to negotiate with the GOP in regards to most of your policy decisions as they are not currently emotionally mature enough to work as a team.  For 8 yrs they “ruled” with almost absolute power, the power of fear, to get their agenda’s done.  They were so success at this because negative thoughts, emotions, and words have energy that can and do spread like a cancer within communities, large or small.  Unfortunately this negative energy has been used by the GOP to unstablize America in order to more effectively control the population.   And they continue to weld this power of fear thru conduits like Rush, Glenn, and Bill.  So again, please stop trying to appease the GOP, for now, and be true to your own inner counsel as it has done wonderful things for you and us so far. Trust it as I and most of America does.

2.  Please remind everyone, including the members of congress, that it takes a village to make this country work, to evolve into a Nation much greater then we have been.  The time is now for everyone to disregard their childish playground antics and to mature emotional.  Again, thoughts, emotions, and words have energy that can embolden people to be all they can be, if just given a nudge.  The People, particularly the young, need to understand that you, as President, can only do so much, that the people need to take responsibility of their everyday actions to make this country into something far greater than it currently is.  As Gandhi once said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

3. Along those lines, please remind people that America is a very young nation in comparison to many on this planet.  America is a nation of immigrants that wouldn’t exist and be what it is today without these brave adventurers.  All cultures bring with them new and different ways to look at life and therefore bring new insight and hope into how our nation could evolve for the better.

4. Information – Fact or Fiction.  As you know, up until a few generations ago information that could transform lives was controlled by the elite – governments, religions, and business tycoons.  But with the free flow of information due to technology another type of information control is taking place – that of disinformation and/or misinformation.   I know highly successful, intelligent people who believe in the crap that is being disseminated by certain “entertainment” venues trying to pass as legitimate “news” organizations.  Be that as it may, please encourage people to listen to what their intuition, heart, and common sense are telling them and to do their homework before they pass judgment on others and/or government policy issues.  

For my part, I owe you an apology for not acting sooner on my heart and intuition in regards to what I would like my world to be.  By writing you this letter I’m taking my first baby steps in acting as an agent of change as suggested by author Dr. Mary Pipher, so this won’t be last you’ll hear from meJ

Very truly yours,
Leslie Beil

And I kept my promise as you’ll read in the following pages. But please be kind gentle readers as some of my letters weren’t as eloquent as the first one.


Middle East Peace 

Immigrants are created during and after any armed conflict, with most wanting to come to North American in general and the US more specifically. They believe that our country is color blind and the land of opportunity if they just work hard enough.
Growing up in Detroit in the 60’s and 70’s I met many of the survivors of WWII. Most would gravitate to neighborhoods where family and friends had settled into before the new arrivals. You could always spot them because the planted fruit trees, grape vines, and berry bushes, foods that could sustain their families year after year. They did this because they had known hunger.
But in the late 60’s the new arrivals, instead of being primarily of European descent, were coming from Middle Eastern countries. I was fortunate that several Christian Arab families – yes, they do exist – moved into my neighborhood. A new friend introduced me to the delights of their food like lemony hummus and pita bread to a raw lamb dish called kibbi and to baba ghannouj, a creamy appretizer made of eggplants
However, the vast majority of this wave of immigrants’ decided to settle a small city outside of Detroit’s border, a town called Dearborn. And they’ve been arriving at a steady pace because of America and Israel’s lack of empathy and compassion for these people and their lands.
In June of 1967 Israelinstigated a 6 day war with its neighbors – Jordan, Syria, and Egypt –which ended with Israel expanding its territory, take land from all three nations. But that was enough for Israel because on the 4th day of the war Israel attacked the USS Liberty which was in Egyptian waters, nearly sinking it, killing 34 US and wounding 171 US sailors. Though they said it was an accident, but “U.S. intelligence specialists who saw transcripts of intercepted Israeli communications say the attack on the ship was deliberate.   
Dear President Obama:                                                                        8-31-2010
In your discussions this week with the leaders of Palestine and Israel, please set a high bar for the initial negotiations with these two men.  As a country Israel professes a desire for peaceful solutions in regards to their right to exist as a Judaic Republic but their words and actions over the past 60 years show a nation of a “capricious nature, bordering on paranoia.”  Instead of asking the original inhabitants if they could co-exist with them, Israel choose to invade – with our blessing I might add - murdering innocent people, and over the past 60 years taking whatever property and actions they cared to without any regard for the Palestinians/Arabs basic human rights. 

To my way of thinking there is only 1 option – 1 state, 1 government, equal rights, equal representation for all people. Additionally, Jerusalem, being the perceived religious “birth city” of 2 billion Christians and 2 billion Muslims, needs to be considered a World Heritage Site, its own city state, over seen by the UN.

At this stage in Humanity’s evolution the majority of this planets people are tired and weary of the high cost of conflicts, wherever they may be occurring, not only because it’s a waste of life, human and otherwise, but it also denotes the emotional immaturity and devolution of Humanity.  At this time, when Humanity should be focusing its attention on our very survival as a species because of our inept ability to maturely and intelligently manage our collective planetary natural resources, Israel keeps the world’s inhabitants focused on their immature “they made me do it” mentality with their regressive, hostile, and negative mindset towards the Palestinians and Arabs in general. 
True peace comes into being when all sides integrate their belief systems, thoughts, words, and emotions to resolve conflicts.  True peace happens when all involved come to the realization that they are part of a beautiful and interconnected “Oneness” with all things, including each other as we are of One Tribe.   
As I was composing this I found a recent article by Alla Katsnelson, published by Nature.com on June 3, 2010 in regards to genetic ties: "Different communities of Jews around the world share more than just religious or cultural practices -- they also have strong genetic commonalities, according to the largest genetic analysis of Jewish people to date. But the study also found strong genetic ties to non-Jewish groups, with the closest genetic neighbors on the European side being Italians, and on the Middle Eastern side the Druze, Bedouin and Palestinians.”   Gives a whole new meaning to the song “We are Family!”
Lastly, please remind Israel of Golda Meir’s quoteWe Jews have a secret weapon in our struggle with the Arabs; we have no place to go”. Well neither do the Palestinians!

It’s never easy trying to get people to listen to their heart, common sense, and intuition, but if anyone can bring peace to the Middle East, it’s you, Mr. President!!!

Very respectively yours,
Leslie Beil
And here we are, 4 years later, with Israel still beating war drums to bomb Iran when in actuality they are currently the only nuke threat to the region. Whenever Israel does something duplicitous to the Palestinians like destroy their orchards or their Mosque’s, blockadeGaza from aid and building materials, the fighting fist of fury starts flying in Iran’s direction as the evil doer in the region.
To top that off, America gives the state BILLIONS of dollars in aid every year! If sanctions worked so well with Iran and other nations, why haven’t we done the same with Israel? America and Britain created this mess after WWII, it is now time to clean up this mess once and for all. .   


2010 Midterm Elections 

Being a survivor of a physically and verbally abusive parent I learned at an early age the power of word energies.  However, it wasn’t until I was my teens that I discovered the term “subliminal messaging” and how tyrants and conquerors since the dawn of time have used word energies to control The Tribe (humanity).

And though the Republican Party has been very effective in the usage of word energies for years, they became exceedingly vitriolic after President Obama won his first election in 2008. This was when the racists and bigots started to rear their ugly heads using “code” word energies for people of color when announcing their agenda’s on TV talk shows and radio.

Their growing lack of empathy and compassion for people of color, the poor, and the elderly was truly disturbing of this so called group of “Christians”.  Their campaign to destroy the social safety net with big cuts to food stamps, social security and unemployment benefits while continuing to give tax breaks to the one percent was jaw dropping in a WTF kind of way.

Unfortunately the Supreme Court in January of 2010 ruled in favor of the conservative lobby group Citizens United that money is free speech so campaign contributions should have no limitations. That’s when the insane clown posse – no offense to the music group - ramped up ramped their attacks on the Democrats policies and President Obama.

But the 99% had several Wordsmith Superhero’s on our side including Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  

Dear President Obama:                                                                                           11-1-10  

Snap out of it!!! You are the leader of the supposed Free World so please start acting like it.

Enough of the doom and gloom in regards to your equally negative jabs at that the GOP in these mid-term elections and the supposed loss of Democratic seats!  By imprinting these negative possibilities on the American psyche you are helping to creating that probable future!   

You need to start believing in the American Spirit that was expressed on the Mall this past weekend and start utilizing positive key words and phrases to promote the healing of our deeply divided nation. The more an idea, emotion, or thought is focused upon by the many such actions become imprinted on the societal collective consciousness. Once this positive imprinting takes hold there’s no telling what magic can happen!!!


In these last few days please focus on words such as empathy and compassion with regard to issues and concerns of the citizens who have no voice: the poor, the jobless, the elderly, the children, and the working class.  Step up, be their voice since NO ONE seems to care for the silent majority.


People of European descent are the immigrants! (Sorry, I know it has negative connotations but it needs to be spoken, heard, and understood!

The people of the FirstNation/Original Natives are consumers! They pay taxes in one form or another, whether they reside in the US legally or not.  We need these people to keep social (entitlement) programs such SSI, Medicare/Medicad solvent. They pay taxes when they buy clothes, food, cars, gas, homes, etc. And from my experience, most of the ones here illegally even paid Federal taxes by use of phony SSN’s. That money goes into our treasury but they don’t get any benefits from it.

Taxes, Wealthy, Corporations (The needs of the Moment)

With the global financial meltdown and income inequality at an all time high, utilizing terms such as investing in the common future/good/sense, shared sacrifices, and long term would be helpful in preparing The Powers That Be (TPTB) that their time has come.  All of us on this planet have been, are, and will be affected by the hard decisions that need to be discussed and enacted in the very near future in regards to our shared destiny and survival as a species.

As for the forecasts for Tuesday night, my bet is on the Sanity crowd winning both houses but that depends your positive/leaning forward vernacular ….. so what shall it be…….continued darkness and greed or light and love?.

As always, great respect,

Leslie Beil

Being a transplanted “yellow dog” democrat, I vote in every election whether local, state or federal, doing so after I’ve done my homework. What I didn’t realize is that many members of The Tribe, if they have a job, can’t or don’t vote, not realizing how critical these elections count in regards to their daily lives. During mid-term elections the average voter turnout is only 37% verses 50% and higher in presidential election years, I think in large part because MSM tends to focus on the presidential elections 2 yrs later.

Which brings me to America’s 2014 midterms. Not much has changed in these 4 yrs, if anything the negative word energies have gotten worse and the GOP is swimming in a pig sty of money donated by billionaires like the Koch brothers to ensure their personal interests are served at the expense of The Tribe.

But there are now many more positive Wordsmith Superhero’s working hard to assist The Tribe in changing their twisted reality under the onslaught of lying negative GOP word energies. They are, for the most part, also much more focused on the importance of midterms instead of Hillary Clinton’s run for president in 2016. With their collective help American’s can “Restore Sanity” to our nations policies.

PS: My use of “entitlement” ended shortly after I wrote this letter to Sir Dude (Obama) because of its “energy” comparison to “hammocks” by the GOP. Safety net and food poverty are much more accurate in regards to discussing the 99%.


The Dream Act 

In the spring of 2009 I was laid off because I didn’t want to transfer to Oakridge TN when SAIC transferred several corporate departments there to save money. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful part of our country unfortunately there were 2 aspects that I just couldn’t appreciate.

As one elderly woman told me in passing “Did you know Oakridge glows in the dark at night?” The reason there are many defense contractors in this tiny hamlet is because it’s a Super Fund cleanup site because of the Manhattan Project. Some of the guys told me that when they bag a deer in hunting season  (or not in season) they need the meat to be tested for radiation before they’ll eat it!

The second reason was because of the overt racism and bigotry in the town. All the jobs, even the minimum wage ones, were held by white people. One night, in a local bar, I asked one of the natives why this was. You could hear a pin drop! My colleague, quietly and with a very red face, explained that “they lived and worked in their part of town and we had our part” or something to that effect.

Being a positive minded person I saw my lay off as an opportunity to become what I always dreamed of – to become a bestselling author! With that in mind I booked 7 weeks in a condo on Martha’s Vineyard that spring.  And it was awesome, with many amazing tales to tell but when I got back to DC I discovered something very wrong with my ex – he was in a severe depression.

We met working as waiters in a DC restaurant and were married within a few months so he could get his green card. A native Peruvian, this was his ticket to legitimacy and the benefits our country provides its citizens. But after 10 years our marriage collapsed but we’ve remained friends ever since, watching each others back.

Because he had quit his job and had no insurance, I talked him into walking to cure his depression. There are many studies that have found that exercise improves the brains ability to produce serotonin which off sets the effects of depression. Though it took almost a year he finally healed and found a new job, but my concerns for his health issues meant I didn’t have time to write more often to President Obama and others.

Here’s one I wrote in December of 2010 about the plight of illegal immigrants in the US:   

Dear President Obama:                                                        12-20-10

Please find a more positive voice when you are dealing with the passage of the Dream ACT as words, thoughts, and emotions are energy that seeps into our society and the world at large.  You need to educate the citizens of our country, along with members of congress, to the facts on this issue:
1.      Remind everyone that the vast majority of our country’s current population’s ancestors came around the globe.
2.      The Hispanic immigrant’s ancestors were here long before Europeans.
3.      That all immigrants pay taxes in one form or another whether here legally or not. They pay taxes when they buy food, cars, gas, homes, etc. And from my experience, most of the ones here illegally even paid Federal taxes by use of phony SSN’s. That money goes into our treasury but they don’t get any benefits from it.
4.      They are consumers!
5.      They are needed because our population is aging rapidly while birth rates are dropping even faster.  We need these people to keep the social programs such SSI solvent.
6.      They come here because they can find work that Americans won’t do.
7.      Remind people that immigrant’s serve in our military, fight, and die for our country.
8.      Open the door WIDE for the H1B visa system to make it easier for the talented engineers and doctors to get citizenship more quickly.  They emigrate from our country to others that are more welcoming of their talents. 
9.      We owe Mexico a BIG apology for the mess at our shared borders.  America is the biggest arms dealer on our planet and we make them readily available to anyone with cash. Additionally, the drug issue is our problem because funding for addiction treatment is minimal at best and non-existent in rural communities where meth addiction is very high. Legalize pot then let law enforce focus on meth, crack, heroin, etc. Following up on these actions would calm things down considerably at the Mexican border.  

Please remind people that America is a very young nation in comparison to many on this planet.  America is a nation of immigrants that wouldn’t exist and be what it is today without these brave adventurers.  All cultures bring with them new and different ways to look at life and therefore bring new insight and hope into how our nation could evolve for the better.

 I’ll end my letter with a line from one of my favorite songs – “if everybody looked the same we’d get tired of looking at each other”. 

Appreciatively yours,

Leslie Beil

As with most bat shit crazy genius’s my views on a couple of the talking points above have evolved. Because of the continuing global downward economic spiral, I feel we should phase out the H1B visa program. The reason businesses love it is because they can pay this employee’s a lower wage than their American counter parts, thus depriving our recent college graduates job opportunities.

What I found more than ironic was that just a few months after writing this letter Operation Fast and Furious made national headlines. This was the ATF “gun walking” scandal that ran from 2006 to 2011 and  "purposely allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers, hoping to track the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders and arrest them."

In the spring of 2011 there were a flurry of back and forth trips by Hillary Clinton to Mexico, climaxing with a state visit by the Mexican President in March of that year.  Talk about timing! I can only imagine what those White House walls would say if they could talk.


Pep Talk Time 

From the day Obama was elected to the presidency in 2008 the Republican party have been gunning for him by very adeptly lying and misleading The Tribe (Humanity) in regards to any proposals the President or Democrats put forward. And when asked direct questions from the various media outlets, they would spew out lies or go on completely different tangents all together.

And while this has been their collective MO for decades they really ramped up the rhetoric for this President, but that wasn’t what troubled me most. It was a fact that the viciousness of the lying and insinuating word energies weren’t being countered by the iconic Wordsmith of The Tribe’s journalists like Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer, and the folks on MSNBC.

With the exception of the Fox false fear freaks and the Sunday morning political shows – I’m pretty “news’ed” out by Friday night – most of the other journalists received regular Leslie emails commenting on their word energy usage or their lack thereof.

Dear President Obama:                                                                           3-22-11                       

Sir, you do deserve some of the “verbal spankings” that have been coming your way lately from your fellow Tribe members.  Whatever is causing your “funk” you need to snap out of it to become that beacon of hope for all of Humanity.  I noticed the change in your behavior after Rahm left for home, almost as if you had lost that “can do” voice of yourself.  If all you need is a verbal ass kicking every once in awhile, I’m your girl!!! I could make Rahm blush!!  One of my previous supervisors called me his little pit bull, a badge I wore proudly when negotiating with the likes of Cisco and the Washington Red Skins.

The reason I haven’t been writing to you lately is that I was focusing my attention on MSM’s responsible  journalists to step up their game in regards to countering the lies and deceit of Rupert, Corp America, and the GOP.  And it appears to have worked, just check out the MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and The Washington Post folks, they now understand the power of their words.   In a very short period of time most of them have really made a major turnaround in regards to their discussions and realize their words help form American’s worldview. 

So now it’s your turn, to step up your game, just a notch. Sir, Tribe America voted for you because of your words of hope and the possibilities for all Americans, but your actions have been less than stellar in fulfilling your promises and that’s why we are lost and listless right now. 

If you really want to get America’s heart back to center, there are 2 campaign platforms that are guaranteed strategy for your 2012 presidential run: The legalization of Marijuana and coming clean about UFO’s and the ET’s!! Call me crazy all you want but American’s need to start having a mature discussion on both of these issues.  

For instance, take UFO’s and their occupants. If you’ve been debriefed appropriately, and if you were to release the information related to this subject matter like our fellow Tribe members having been doing in Europe, South, and Central America, you would be uniting all of Humanity in our quest for Freedom from the darker elements that are “visiting” our plane of existence.

Once America does this, the more benevolent “visitors” would be more inclined to assist Humanity against the “unenlightened” energy beings because they would see that we have matured as a culture and species that is worth preserving.  When we, as a species, realizes that our true nature is that of energy beings, that we individually and collectively are a force to be reckoned with, Humanity will change reality, for the better! We are now recognizing that we have incredible abilities, we have power to create our reality, and we don’t want them involved anymore! 

AND you would garner the votes of the Trekkies and the Comic-Con crowd! They will rock the vote for you Sir, just let truth see the light of Day!!!
Now that’s a rallying cry!!!

NOTE: The topic of the legalization of Marijuana is very serious to our collective discussion so please grant me more time to compose an intelligent discourse on the subject, a few more days only, please. Both matters I brought up require “sane and mature” discussion because of the different but related “issues” that are involved in this. Since I understand the power of words I want to do this correctly, so please bear with me in my struggles of how to disseminate the information in a rational, scientific, and heartfelt manner. 

Respectfully yours,
Leslie Beil 

Around this time something amazing happened – Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank wrote asking is fellow news colleagues across the board to stop talking about Sarah Palin for one month in hopes of crashing her presidential bus campaign. It took a few days but just about everyone joined what I dubbed the “Milbank Moment” crusade! Even Chris Matthews, who I thought was having a secret affair with Palin because of how often he brought her up, eventually joined the “game”

And it worked! Within months her presidential bid sank faster than the Titanic and proving that words have energy that can change our reality in any given moment and that the pen is mightier than the sword. Just wish Sir Dude would come clean on ET’s.


Pep Talk Time, Part Deux

The nickname Woo Woo Chick was bestowed on me by family and friends many years ago because of an abundance of “unusual” experiences that have occurred in my life. It was countless near death experiences like electrocution, drowning, and falling out of a moving car on a busy street but also encounters with ET’s, and other paranormal experiences, abilities and belief system.

And as I wrote Sir Dude (Obama) in this letter, Universe began bitch slapping me around even more than usual beginning in late 2010. My reality became so strange it could have been a story line out of Doctor Who and more precisely like the life of his companion Donna Noble.

Like her, my mother was a bitch to the nth degree, always trying to steer my ambitions to the lowest common denominator.  I think she was pissed that I survived after she threw me out of a second story window when I was 1 ½ yrs old. But the episode that best captures what my life has been like is the one where Donna discovers a parasitic creature had been attached to her back making her life decisions take slightly different directions than she would have chosen.

If you’re interested in learning more about my “woo woo world” you should check out Doctor Who episode “Turn Left”.   

Dear President Obama:                                                                            3-30-11

Fabulous speech the other night Sir, BRAVO!  It’s almost as if you’re remembering your 2008 “inner Dude” again so I have some advice for you as the “game” is gaining momentum and is picking up many new tribe members.

When I find myself in a pool of negative emotions I find solace in watching inspirational television (Bar Karma and science programs), nature (parks), and through music.  As an example, Universe has been slapping me around lately (a LOT of curve balls coming my way lately) so I’ve taken on my 17 year old, kick ass persona and have been jamming to rock and roll to pump me up emotional! It energizes me like nothing else can…..well, except for you know what.

In this process I’ve found you the perfect campaign song and rallying cry: ACDC’s War Machine!!! Call me crazy but you need to find a room in the White House, close the door then just listen to this song a couple of times, as loud as your eardrums can tolerate!  Many tribe members find the power of the words sung in this piece cathartic when faced with the brutalities of our current collective reality. 

Trust me on this; just give the words a chance to imprint on a cellular level so you too can find your “inner Dude” again.  The Tribe is working diligently to get their voices heard, but the most important voice has been MIA of late, so please Sir, find it soon, as the Tribe misses it.  NOTE: Get the ACDC Iron Man 2 set as there is a wonderful write up by David Fricke of Rolling Stone magazine which ended with the words “Take a chance while you still got the choice.” 

You put your foot to the floor
Don't need no more
You've been diggin' all around
When you're messin' about

Better catch her name, come on in
Gimme that thing that thing gone wild


Make a stand, show your hand
Calling a high command
Don't think, just demand
I'm like a bird of prey

Better catch her name come on in
Gimme that thing that thing gone wild


Better watch your back
'N cover your tracks Kick your foot through the door
Hit the deck, know the score
They're taken by surprise
And here's mud in your eye

Let's erase the name
That you should have forgave
Call of the wild
Hurry for naught
That thing gone wild


That thing gone wild


Even though I’ve lived in the DC area for over 30 yrs and worked in the defense industry most of my adult life, it never prepares one for encounters with government goons. At first it was little things like Naval Seal types stalking me everywhere I went, whether it be shopping or going to the library. Then it was fake DC cops taking my picture in a subway station and immediately texting someone with it and ultimately ended up with car and helicopter chases.

As for tapping my phones and hacking my computers I discovered what I call simple stupid solutions – I’d call a friend to tell them what the government was doing to me and they’d back off for a few days. Like Donna Noble I don’t take crap from ANYONE! I stand my ground, to the point of calling my dad to contact my batshit crazy NSA sister to call off the hounds. He refused, told me to stop writing media and government officials.

Even upon reflection I don’t understand why the American government would be in fear of a middle aged woman writing to high ranking government officials in regards to policy here and aboard.  It makes me wonder if it was more about my writing to the media in regards to truth finding its way to the light.


Edible Landscaping

Coming of age in 60’s and 70’s, the decade of decadence, I had seen it all - hippies, war protests, drugs, sex and rock and roll.  And though a girly girl one of my passions was to become an organic farmer because of the growth of communes sprouting up across the country.  Of great encouragement was Mother Earth News, a magazine first published in 1970 for all of us crazy foodies.

But it wasn’t just the above that made me interested in growing my own food, it was also because of all the refugee’s that moved to the Detroit area after WWII.  They were easy to spot because they all had gardens in their yards, and I’m not talking about just veggies. There was one family that lived behind us that planted a grapevines, plum and peach trees along with berry bushes, all a reliable source of annual nutrition.   
 Fast forward to the 21st century. One of the more overlooked causes in regards to the Arab Spring movement that began in 2011 was the price of bread because of a disease called Wheat Rust. It’s a fungus that destroys wheat, rye, and other grass species, a disease that science hasn’t been able to find a cure for.

With that in mind and because of the growing food poverty in America because of the Republican party’s policies of cutting social safety nets, I wrote Michelle Obama this letter in the spring of 2011.

Dear First Lady Obama:                                                               Spring 2011

Edible Landscaping
Having lived in a concrete box most of my adult life doesn’t negate the fact that I love gardening and being outdoors.

After discovering some wild raspberry bushes in a local Arlington VA park I approached a park ranger about the possibility of planting more edible landscaping (EL). His response was a terse “Nothing comes into the park and nothing is taken out of the park.”

Needless to say, that was my call to “arms” moment, or more accurately my call to hoe and shovel moment.  After a few cocktails with friends, we came up with the notion of forming a commando gardening club to rectify this miscarriage of justice.  But upon sober contemplation the logistics of carrying out our plot was too formidable so that’s why I’ve come to you.

All kidding aside, there is currently a worldwide food shortage crisis that will only worsen in the coming months and year. Please, can you and your staff work with the USDA and local/state governments to promote the idea of edible landscaping in all parks?

Just as Lady Bird Johnson promoted beautification of the national hwy system, I was hoping you would take up this cause for EL in regional and national parks.  I envision the plants being perennials like all types of berries, grapevines, and fruit trees, including utilizing local varieties that would help to sustain all life, human and animal alike. 

The best part would be that it wouldn’t cost the government a thing as no pesticides would be needed (organic), just let the strongest specimens thrive. And the plants/trees would be donated by the loyal joggers, runners, cyclists, and dog owners of these parks!   

Again, please consider this opportunity.  Otherwise my friends expect me to dress in the donated cammo outfit but it just isn’t me, and besides, I don’t have any shoes to match the outfit.  

Respectfully yours,
Leslie  Beil                                                                                                                                                           
It’s a shame I never did hear back from Michelle because food poverty is spreading around Spaceship Earth, including America, because of climate change and weather extremes. A freak fall snow storm in the fall of 2013 killed approximately 100,000 head of cattle in northern US and a five year drought in the southwestern United States is killing fruits, vegetables, and nut trees.  

But its not just plants and animals being affected by these changes, its also our waters being poisoned. In 2010 it was BP’s Deepwater Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico that continues to contaminate the land and fisheries with people catching fish with tar balls in their flesh.  And the aging oil and gas lines running throughout the US and elsewhere area poison the land, air and fresh water supplies.  Or the meltdown at the Fukushima nuke plant in 2011 that continues to dump toxic nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean, killing millions of fish, whales, dolphins, and birds.

The Tribe, particularly in urban settings, needs to be taught sustainability and self sufficiency skills to weather the coming storms of hunger.  Otherwise Humanity is toast.    


Tweaking My Twat Day

Remember in the introduction I asked you gentle readers to be “kind” about my letter writing because not of all them were so eloquently written as the first one? This is one of those letters. Don’t get me wrong, I meant everything I wrote to Sir Dude and all of the things that happened to me back in 2011. Besides government goons being on my ass all the time, I was also having a serious case of insomnia.

Having suffered from it since I came out of the womb, by 2010/11 I was down to getting only one or two hours of sleep in any given 24 hour period. In my entire life the only time I was able to sleep more than six or seven hours was when I spent 7 weeks on Martha’s Vineyard in 2009 in the off season. The only thing I could figure out was that it was the lack radio frequency waves.

But the insomnia wasn’t all bad as now I was able to watch late night talk shows like The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Having an “earthy” sensor of humor and the ability to make a sailor blush because of my blue language, those same word energies would “occasionally” show up in my emails to those in media and Sir Dude. 

Of all the media, it was Jon and Stephen whom I credit with helping me keep my sanity because, as they say, laughter is the best medicine. They made me laugh so hard at times that I started to buy panty liners because I’d be peeing in my pants, something most middle aged women would agree with!

Stephen in particular, with his campaign to run for President of NC and funding what has now become Super Pac’s, would flash the names of his donors at the bottom of his screen when airing the show.  And occasionally I’d catch fictional names like “Munchma Quchi” or “Schrodinger’s cat” which had me rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off.


Dear President Obama:                                                                     4-12-11                                

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a seeker of Truth so I could better form my worldview of reality. Lately though, Truth appears to be stranger than fiction! For instance, ever since the President of Mexico came to town the DC area has been blanketed with Chem Trails. They fly 1-5 planes at a time, east to west and north to south in a grid pattern. On the day of your luncheon there was a HUGH X MARKS THE SPOT HANGING OVER THE WHITE HOUSE.

Please tell me America wasn’t trying to intimidate Mexico (or you), especially since Americans have the blood of 35,000 innocent men, women, and children on our hands because we are a Nation of ADDICTS and the Planets LARGEST ARMS DEALER. What did the one Border SUPERVISOR say, “You need to scramble a few eggs to make an omelet!!!!! Sorry, got off the subject at hand. Not sure what these Chem Trails are so the Tribe would really like an explanation ….NOW!!!!! I love being outdoors but not being poisoned. Besides, JET FUEL is expensive, why aren’t they cutting back like the rest of us who have no voice?

Also, why would ABC agents be imbedded in school systems like Arlington County VA? DIA has been after my “talents” for awhile now, but I was surprised when an agent I met in my magic kingdom tried to recruit me - took me on a crazy road trip out toward the “farm” one Sunday afternoon this past fall. That day we discussed, among many things, UFO’s and psychics. SURPRISE!! The very next day there’s a Procurement Manager position at DIA in my Monster inbox. I didn’t think they advertised on Monster. Anyways, she also took me to school functions though I never did figure out what her “job” there was. I think a lot of Tribe Members would like SOMEONE to explain this matter.

Lastly, I really have a big bug up my ass in regards to the censorship being perpetrated by ALL CORPORATIONS!!! As an example, YAHOO has been fucking with my email, delaying incoming, and not allowing me to send to media outlets!!! VERIZON and some ABC outfit have tapped my phones, delaying my phone messages, CANCELLING MY RED TOP CAB RIDE FRIDAY, ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL had no cars available for me to rent in all of DC, and hacked computer!!! Funny thing though, when I get on the phone to RANT ABOUT NSA AND MY SISTER, all the shit they’ve been pulling on me, stops, briefly.

And the goons, bless their hearts, but they’re dumber then a bag of dog shit if they thought I was intimidated by nearing my personal space all the time. The one at Best Buy was smoking hot – about 6’6, 250 of solid muscle!!! The grunt they placed on my back picnic table, not so much. And what’s up the massive construction project of the Army Preparedness Center in Arlington. Hope it has something to do with Logistics in regards to the earth changes.

Ooh, sorry one more thing – TECHNOLOGY! THERE’S BEEN STUFF DEVELOPED with the Tribes tax dollars. WE OWN the patents to some “magical” shit! Check out MITRE in McLean VA, quasi non-profit government AGENCY, lots of Black Magic there, down the rabbit hole kind of stuff!! Some it MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP JAPAN WITH THEIR CURRENT CRISIS.

I know you’re busy Sir, but the Tribe is waking up quickly to the True Nature our reality and don’t like the shit that’s been shoveled. The time to act is now as THE TRIBE HAS YOUR BACK.




Sincerest regards,

Leslie Beil

Universe is a curious creature to me, always taking me on interesting adventures and only later revealing the truth of said experiences. In the spring of 2011 Hillary Clinton made multiple trips to Mexico, apparently due to the fiasco of the gun running scam Fast and Furious leading to a state visit by the Mexican President.

Having been born with “intuitive” abilities I always believed in psychic’s and went to them for readings now and then. On one occasion I met one who told me she had worked at the Defense IntelligenceAgency and that many others had as well. She had also written a book about her experiences and dedicated it to William Cohen, a previous Sec. of Defense, whom she would occasional brief. Then, in 2011 while taking a class at a local “new age” shop, learned that other agencies like the CIA also hire psychic’s.

Then, when Edward Snowden in 2013 revealed the NSA spying on the whole planet and showing how Yahoo and Verizon, among many others, had signed on early for all of this, I was finally vindicated what the federal goons, including my sister, had been doing to me and others. Never did talk to dad about that, maybe we’ll have a chat sooner rather than later.

Lastly, as for the disclaimer at the end of the letter, I have Trevor Potter to thank for that. He’s a lawyer who has served in several federal government agencies, including Federal Elections Commission but is also a friend of Stephen Colbert’s. When Stephen was running for President, he had Trevor on his show on numerous occasions attempting to explain the law in regards to Super Pac’s. To me there is nothing like a well dressed man and he was that and more, tweaking my twat on more than one occasion …. and let Stephen know that.

But one night, shortly before I wrote this letter to Sir Dude, he explained corporations can sue individuals who trash their companies! Because I had been doing that with not just Verizon, Yahoo, and Enterprise Car Rental but Monsanto and others, I quickly took his advice and included the disclaimer for the first time in this letter posted to my website One Tribe Infinite Possibilities - “THE ABOVE "WORDS" ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE FACTUAL STATEMENTS”

And that’s why Stephen earned the Wordsmith Superhero name of Captain America from me! Justice is sweetest when verified by fact.



Though my dad has always been a staunch Catholic, when his children reached their teenage years they were given the option of whether or not they’d attend Sunday mass.  Having known at an early age that all religions are rigged and for the benefit of a few, I opted out. But at the same time I have always been a spiritual person, reading books on metaphysical topics when the subject became popular in the 60’s.

In my teens I attended a workshop on Transcendental Meditation and in later years took workshops at The Monroe Institute for remote viewing, theEsalen Institute for meditation with Anna Wise and a human resonance class with Dr.Rupert Sheldrake.

As for the topic of ET’s or more appropriately should be called multi-dimensional energy beings (MDEB’s) like ourselves, they go part and parcel with “paranormal” events. Though I had been reading about them for years, I hadn’t had an encounter until the mid 90’s when my ex and I were on vacation in Pensacola FL.

Not only did we encounter and hang out with Dr. Bruce Maccabee, on our last night there he was fishing on the motel deck on Santa Rosa Sound while I kept an eye out for UFO’s. Lo and behold around midnight at the opposite coastline a white was slowing cruising. And since everyone knows that to attract them you flick on a flashlight, and not having one, I started flicking my Bic!

And guess what! It started moving across the sound in our direction, scaring the crap out of both of us so I stopped and it went back to its shoreline.  But within a few minutes a blue one showed up. At first they did this kind of dance with each one changing their color from white to blue for a few minutes before turning a dark red and moving in line down toward some radio towers to east of us.

Having reached these towers about an hour later they then proceeded to “float” up them! We were like “holy crap Batman, this shit is for real”! After about 20 minutes the slowly lowered down until they were out of site. This is until around 3am when I looked east and saw ripple waves coming our way. The problem is that nothing was on the sound except insects and the fish trying to catch them.

Then, about ½ hour later, all the insects and fish disappeared as we watched some invisible objects displacing the water head our way. The funny part is there was nothing we could see. And as the “objects” approached us we felt an intense wave of heat. We both looked at each other with a WTF and then the insects and fish returned.
Dear President Obama:                                                                 4-12-11

I’ve been working on a movie treatment and would like your thoughts on it. The story line goes something like the following:
A hot looking middle aged woman, code named Artemis, attempts to educate the current sitting President in regards to a shadow government that has existed for decades unbeknownst to most main stream media (MSM) outlets and elected officials, including those in the White House. The government had been given, and/or found, technology that could change the history of our planet and Humanity for the better but is kept hidden from The Tribe in the name of greed, power, and control of Humanity. This shadow government was aided in these endeavors by two other groups: negative Interplanetary and Inter-dimensional beings along with various Global Corporate interests. 
Artemis explains to the President that she had discovered these rogue elements of humans and Invaders have been mutilating, raping, and experimenting on Humans including cloning us. In the tech department, besides having clean efficient energy knowledge there is also tech to traverse not just space but time as well.
She knows these things not just from having done over 40 yrs of research but from personal experience.  Beginning in early childhood she had an innate sense that something wasn’t right with the bigger picture that the Catholic Church was painting of the world as she perceived it. Artemis explored other realms of existence through books. Later in her teens she began experimenting with various meditative practices to enhance her inherited psi abilities and subtle human energy fields (HEF).
In the 90’s Artemis found out through direct personal experience that there are intelligent beings other 

Humans that walk and exist within our current space, time, and reality.  But the really fun stuff began after 2000 when she started going to various workshops to hone her psi skills. They included studying with the late Anna Wise, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, and other physicists.  

But the most interesting one occurred when she went to a week long Remote Viewing course at The Monroe Institute in Charlottesville VA.  It was there that Artemis discovered that the Reptilian species of space lore really did exist! When she informed the Monroe staff that these creatures were appearing to her during the exercises they told her not to worry, they are harmless and came here regularly!! And this is where the government trains its staff for remote viewing??? The pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together.

In her endeavors to find Truth and share said Truth’s with the President Artemis gets followed by brick house built navy seal type goons of the government and Global corporations who threaten her life verbally, came within inches of her personal “space” on many occasions for intimidation purposes as she went about her daily routines, chased and photographed by rogue Washington DC K9 cop at National Archives Metro station after she attended a FOIA conference on April 12, 2011, Army officer in her apartment complex had a grunt stationed outside her apartment window for further intimidation, along with the usage of advanced tech like microwave and/or ultra high, ultra low EMF technology against her physically. Additionally Artemis had a sister working at NSA who could have been the culprit tapping her phones and hacking her computer.  These Dark powers even went to the extent of using negative psi-ops personnel and ET’s that attempted to attacked her but couldn’t penetrate her energy field for very long because of her WILL to make sure Truth would see the light of day. It also helped that psi abilities ran in her family so she was more able than most to protect herself against those type of threats. 

The President eventually acknowledges that he had been briefed, that this group does exists, that knowledge and technology has been withheld that can assist Humanity with solving ALL of our collective planetary problems but to disclose this information would cause the very fabric of the global society to collapse.  When Artemis gave him her classic “What the Fuck are you talking about Dude” incredulous look, he explained that these are considered “Disruptive Technologies” that could lead to total collapse of the already fragile world economy and shake Humanity’s belief in the world’s religious tenets if the Truth about non-human entities where to be known, she shook her head in utter dismay.

After gaining her composure, Artemis slowly explained that this idea was outdated given the thin veil of transparency that exists in regards to global communication capabilities among The Tribe. She then corrected him that the technological ramifications were actually about Diminishing manufacturing sources andmaterial shortages (DMSMS), that the need to make the public aware of these clean energy technologies is NEEDED NOW to prevent further disruption and deterioration of the Global Economic collapse and loss of life for billions because of the lack of clean water, energy, and food.  Furthermore our actions are creating a negative externality with the spillover costs being incurred by The Tribe because of our immature and inapt abilities to manage what’s left of our COLLECTIVELY SHARED natural resources.
Artemis continued that the President was being purposely mislead and misguided by those who had briefed him, that most of The Tribe ARE well aware of the FACT that WE ARE NOT alone in this reality, dimension, and time.  But the most important way for letting TRUTH see the light of day is to have the scientists who worked on these projects to be given some type of National security amnesty.  

They’ve literally been dying to be heard but are forced to kept quiet of these amazing findings because the understanding was that if they didn’t they’d be assassinated like many of their colleagues have in the past, included noted physicists.  http://stevequayle.com/dead_scientists/UpdatedDeadScientists.html

After much thought the President finds Artemis’s tenacity infectious and promises her to correct policy, to boldly go where no President has gone before to brief the Planet of this hidden knowledge.  As a thank you the President promised Artemis that she would be the first Ambassador to represent Earth and negotiate with the “White Hat” entities that are waiting in the wings, if we just ask for the assist and change our ways!

With all due respect,

Leslie Beil

After that FL trip is when “woo woo” entered our lives. Several weeks later I encountered 4 short Asian men standing outside an older model small car, somehow flashing the front car lights on and off without anyone being inside the car. A year or two later when we were going through our divorce, weird shit was happening in our apartment like an unplugged and no batteries boom box turns on or the sound of crashing dishes in the kitchen but nothing is broken upon inspection.

But the last straw was when the TV started randomly changing channels and after having it checked twice, finding nothing wrong with it, I told my ex to take a Polaroid picture the next time it happened. Guess what he snapped – a grey alien fucking with our TV. See the picture on my website One Tribe Infinite Possibility.

But that wasn’t the end of my encounters. At my first workshop at The Monroe Institute for remote viewing I encountered Reptilian MDEB’s in many of my session and finally went to the staff about it. They told me not to worry, that these “beings” frequent that area and are harmless.

Then, beginning in 2011 through the present I’ve come into contact with Nordic and Tall White species albeit in “subtle” ways. Both species can pass for human and blend in quite nicely. But the Nordic’s, for reasons I can’t explain, trouble me, it’s almost like they have a distain for our species even though we are all One.  The Tall Whites on the other hand love children as I do, so I’m more than happy to encounter them.

But the above isn’t the strangest part of my story. Due to the insomnia and meditation I’d go to local pool halls to ground myself. After all, pool isn’t nothing more than geometry to me so it kept me focused on the here and now. The best one was near my then home in Arlington VA called Carpool. They didn’t open until after 4pm but stayed open until 2pm so it was very convenient in the wee hours of the morning.

But once I moved to another part of VA I discovered the Crystal City Sports Bar that was opened from late morning till after midnight. Though they didn’t have regulation size tables, it was good enough for my needs. Shortly after I wrote Sir Dude this letter, I went for a beer and to shoot some pool. On this particular afternoon there was a party for some military types as this bar was near the Pentagon.

As I’m playing by myself I hear some guy in camo tell another “She wants to be an ambassador”. That’s when I knew Sir Dude was reading my letters!  Still waiting to hear about that ambassadorship though.



When I began to compile the letters I had written to high ranking government officials in early 2014, two thoughts came to mind. The first was that I had no one to blame for government and military goons coming after me because of the “tone” of some of my word energies. The other, sadly, is how little has changed in this administration over the last 3 years in regards to the topics discussed in the letter below.

Granted, congress plays a large role in all of this because of the Republican party obstructionism and for ending presidential line item veto powers back in the late 90’s. However, by surrounding himself with many Bush false fear freaks, Wall Street insiders and the lack of ethics and morals between the ever growing revolving door of DC and business, fear as business model continues unabated.

President Obama:                                                                      9-23-2011

This is the last communication you’ll receive from me as you lost my vote for 2012 this week because of the false hope and promises of change that haven’t seen the light of day in the 3 years you’ve been in office.  By blocking recognition of the Palestinians right to exist as a nation YOU have proven, yet again, that your words and promises mean nothing, are empty of any sincerity, and you should seriously consider returning that Peace Prize as you’ve done nothing to deserve it.

Has it ever crossed your mind that one of the reasons America is so hated around the globe is because of our failed and unenlightened policy of letting Israel ALWAYS get its way, accepting their argument to existence at the expense of the Palestinians? Instead of demanding peace on their part America continues to fund the Israeli military instead of withholding said funding until they find a way to peace. 

Then, instead of ending the era of fear and hatred for other members of The Tribe, particularly those of color, YOU extended Bush’s The Patriot Act!  Instead of presenting a policy of unity and coming together for the common good YOU continue this atmosphere of a false enemy lurking all over American soil. The only humans who benefit from this continued war of divisive oppression on THE TRIBE are the corporations who have invented the technology to spy and torment innocent people. Additionally SOME of those whom YOU appointed have/had oversight of said companies to which AFTER they’ve left office go back to work and PROMOTE said technologies FROM WHICH THEY ORIGINALLY CAME FROM TO START WITH.

Another Bushy you continued were the tax cuts for the wealthiest people and Corporations in this country. Talk about a slap in the face, how could you?? Whoever is giving YOU your financial worldview needs to be kicked to the curb as they are woefully ill-equipped for the job or are thinking in the long term of when they leave public life, i.e. greedy intents.  Like everything in life, government is a business model which requires revenue but since most of The Tribe is currently unemployed you won’t be getting that revenue from us. 

We’re going to be too busy looking for affordable housing, food, and medicine because of the programs YOU are helping the GOP dismantle to look for the jobs that don’t exist anymore BECAUSE THEY’VE ALL BEEN SHIPPEDOVERSEA’S. And that’s why YOU can’t bring home our husbands, wives’, and children because there are no other jobs for them either which would exasperate the current depression that the Planet is experiencing.  Which in turn guarantee’s continued loss of life, liberty, and infrastructure failures due to unnecessary and false wars to keep this greed based corporate oligarchy running.

This brings me to ask one last question of YOU Sir: why are those on Wall Street allowed to continue raping the financial well being of Middle America and enrich themselves even further, but not one high level prosecution has come light. Why Sir have YOU not passed ANY emergency Act’s to counter these unregulated Corporations to do no further harm to the very fabric of America and the Planet??  Oops, sorry, forgot, YOU are running for reelection and need their money.

HOWEVER, I still believe in magic, so if YOU CAN start acting from a heart based center, I do forgive, as does The Tribe.  It’s the gracious and noble thing to do.  

With “some” respect,
Leslie Beil

However, to give credit when its due, Sir Dude and Sec. of State Kerry have been cracking down hard on 
Israel at least verbally. But it still puzzles me that if sanctions work so well with Iran, Russia, and other countries, why hasn’t this administration done the same thing with Israel. They continue to bull doze ancient olive groves and mature fruit trees along with whole villages, yet the US continues to give Israel billions in aid and nothing to what’s left of the Palestinian State. Additionally, Israel continues to blockage aid from other countries to Palestine in regards to steel, concrete and medicine with not one beep out of Sir Dude.

And, as I’ve stated previously and as Edward Snowden verified in 2013, the American government does spy on people in real time. Whether writing emails to media or government leaders, my computer would on occasion delete everything I had written AS I WAS TYPING! Other times friends would email me and ask why I hadn’t returned their phone message from hours earlier. However, when these things happened, I’d call family and friends to bitch about what the goons were doing to me and they’d back off for a few days.  

As for finance, my favorite economists are Jeffrey Sachs and Robert Reich. In a recent Face Book posting Robert shared a conversation he had with another on how to generate revenue and help the underemployed.  The idea goes something like this: every company that doesn’t pay their employee’s a living wage will be taxed for the amount of the local, state and federal benefits that those people require because of the low wages paid to them.

But that’s not the only issue with jobs. Having been raised in Detroit Michigan, I witnessed the horror of what happens to American jobs when NAFTA was passed.  All the good paying automotive jobs went north and south to Canada and Mexico with Detroit slowly but surely becoming the ghost town it is today.

Unfortunately, its about to get worse if Sir Dude has his way if the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement is passed. More American’ jobs will be shipped over sea’s where countries like Vietnam pay their workers pennies on the dollar. Having worked in contracts and procurement for local and federal government, I’d seen important orders for say Cisco routers and switches delayed for delivery because they were manufactured in Asia and it was the Chinese New Year.

To top that off robotics is coming of age meaning more decent jobs replacing the Tribe. And while main stream media (MSM) is barely discussing this topic, others like MSNBC’s Ed Schultz have taken on the mantle against the TPP.  Thankfully we have someone who is talking about the issue of robotics taking away even more decent paying jobs in financial advice writer George Ure .  

Oh, my opening comment to Sir Dude about not writing him anymore, didn’t keep my word on that promise, more than likely much to his chagrin.


Dear President Obama:                                                                                11-17-14
Because our party had its collective ass kicked to the curb a few weeks ago means you have to step up your game plan of executing more executive orders.  In regards to the immigration issue, I’m all for you giving amnesty to migrants with both legal and illegal family members.  However, you need to win over doubtful American’s that there are many benefits to your action.
For instance, many Americans aren’t aware that immigrants pay taxes on everything they purchase. Most of them have been paying into SSI with fake numbers for decades without receiving those benefits. And, as our population ages along with American’s having lower birth rates, we’ll need this new immigrates as country moves from a manufacturing to service orientated economy.  Additionally to they start businesses that create jobs and revenue for the local economy.
That being said, there is one aspect of immigration reform that concerns me – the H1B visa program. Some in media are saying you want to expand this program which, if true, is troubling on so many levels. The reasonbusinesses love this program is because they can pay foreigners less thanAmericans. And it’s also one of the reasons many college graduates can’t find decent paying jobs.
Speaking of jobs or the lack thereof, if congress votes on the TPP and passes it, please veto it as it means the loss of more American jobsjust as past trade treaties have done.  I’ve watched in horror as my beloved hometown of Detroit began hemorrhaging good paying manufacturing jobs to Canada and Mexico due to trade treaties because those countries paid lower wages. This is from Wikipedia: “The US goods trade deficit with NAFTA was $94.6billion in 2010, a 36.4% increase ($25 billion) over 2009.  The US goods trade deficit with NAFTAaccounted for 26.8% of the overall U.S. goods trade deficit in 2010.”
It pains me to see millennial’s snatching up Apple and Microsoft products like there’s no tomorrow because most all of their products are manufactured overseas, particularly in China, paying their workers slave labor wages. So again, just say no to the TPP and TAFTA as it would be disastrous for what’s left of our manufacturing jobs just as companies are ramping up robotics to replace more American workers.
There’s another disaster looming over the heartland of our country called the Keystone Pipeline (KP) that will be used to transport thedirtiest oil on Spaceship Earth.  Whywould you allow a foreign dirty energy company to transport this filthy fuel only to send it to overseas markets? And why is Canadian dirty energy company Enbridge able to build a pipeline in the US without a permit, the same company that had a massive spill in the Kalamazoo River in MI in 2010?
Because of the greed of the dirty energy companies, American’s water supplies are being contaminated at a horrific pace as they all race for the last of Spaceship Earths natural resources with their fracking practices. But the KP will run through our nation’s breadbasket with the Ogallala aquifer laying beneath it, one of our nation’s largest.
With a vast quantity of our meat and vegetables coming from this part of our country, a few gallons of this sludge will contaminate large quantities of our water and food supply.  Because of the three F’s I wrote you about earlier this year – Floods, Fire, and Famine – becoming the norm as our climate changes because of our dirty energy polices, food security should be of  your utmost importance.  If you weren’t aware of these issues and more in regards to KP, please watch Wordsmith Superhero Ed “Ironman”Shultz on MSNBC as he has been doing an AWESOME job of reporting on the ramifications of it.  
Lastly, I understand you are considering using drones throughout our nation. I can understand using them along our coastlines and the Northern/Southern borders but why in the heartland? And along this same line, why are you continuing to militarize the local and state LEO’s with surplus military equipment?  Having worked with them in the distant pass, this equipment gives them a harder boner than the little blue pill!!
Instead of being our collective protectors they’ve become predators who now consider the rest of The Tribe (humanity) the enemy. In addition to this behavior there is collective asset forfeiture, stealing billions of dollars from Americans to fund their ever growing arsenals. I hope you’ve been reading the wonderfully insightful word energies of Robert O’Harrowat WaPo on this topic and make some policy changes to reign in these marauding cops.    
Though I have many more thoughts on various subjects like the outsourcing of government functions to greedy corporations, appointing foxes to guard the hen houses (Vilsack and Wheeler), fighting gerrymandered Rhino’s, and harassing free press journalists like James Risen, I’ll end this letter with an apology for not writing to you more often. We’ve both had a rough year – me for not getting published and you for just about everything.
When we go through periods such as these, word energies of encouragement are much needed to sooth our souls. I hope that by playing devil’s advocate will help you find your inner courage to right the wrongs that have been committed by our government.  
Wishing you all the best.
Leslie Beil
Btw: How much clean energy is the White House currently utilizing?  The Tribe needs you “to be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi