"Each of us, individually and collectively, are responsible for our thoughts, words,and actions as these are energy which creates reality at any given moment. I want to share my insights into how important it is at this period of time for humanity to mature emotionally, evolve consciously and embrace the divine spark of light and love that exists and can be manifested in each of us." Leslie Beil

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dear President Obama:

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on your re-election to office of President.  Though you have distressed me on more than one occasion over the past four years, I again voted for you in the hopes you would fulfill some of the promises you made in 2008. And though I’m aware you still have a very full plate over your next term, from my perspective, a great deal of that would be lightened if you and your administration would let the Truth of Extra/Inter-dimensional life forms see the light of day.
A great argument for this harks back to the speech PresidentReagan gave at the UN in 1987. His key point was that if Spaceship Earth were to face an invading force it would unite The Tribe against a common (or uncommon) enemy.  I know personally that the negative forces are here, have been for some time now, and have given the US Military very advanced tech that hasn’t been shared with the rest of The Tribe.  The positive ones are just waiting in the wings for The Tribe to throw those negative energies to curb before they’ll assist us on our evolutionary path.

Still don’t think they exist? Let me share a very long story with you.
Back in the mid 90’s my then husband and I spent 2 of our summer vacations in Gulf Breeze/Pensacola Fl. Not only did it meet our requirements of beautiful beaches and great fishing but it was also a hot bed for UFO activities.  

This was a time period of heightened UFO activity in Gulf Breeze because of a book written by Ed Walter’s encounters with them. One evening we even came across a group of investigators on a local gulf side beach that included the former US Navy optical physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee.  He had hooked up a camera to one of his telescopes and was kind enough to let me view the rings of Saturn.
The last night of the second trip is what stands out in our memories. The motel we were staying at had a small deck on Santa Rosa Sound where ex would fish while I scanned the horizon for UFO’s.  Around 11:30pm that night the water was as flat as glass, not a boat in sight, with only the sounds being the buzzing of insects and the flapping of fish trying to snatch them.

That’s when I noticed a small white light flashing on and off as it slowly cruised the opposite coastline. In UFO lore, if you want to contact them, you use a flashlight to get their attention.  Since I didn’t have one handy I started flicking my BIC.  Well, it worked and we both started to panic as the orb of light was heading in our direction.  I had read the horror stories of what they do to abductees’ and didn’t want any part of that experience so I stopped flicking the BIC! 
As soon as I did it went back to its original position where it was joined a short time later by another orb. They then started doing a sort of dance, crisscrossing each other sideways, but changing their colors between blue and white with each crossing.  My sense at the time was that they were confirming that each was the real deal, unlike my feeble attempt at bait and switch. This went on for several minutes until they started slowing moving east, down the coastline, but now glowing a solid deep red color, no blinking.

This went on for over an hour until they reached, as best as I can recall, 2 very tall radio towers at the eastern portion of the sound. At this point they slowly spiraled around each tower, up then down, at which point we lost sight of them.  Once out of sight ex keep fishing while discussing the possibilities of what we’d just seen.
Another hour or so had passed when I noticed small rippled waves coming up from east to west on our side of the shoreline. Again, even though there we no boats we could see or hear, something was displacing the water to create those waves.

The oddity of the situation was that as these anomalous waves got closer, it got very quiet. All the insects and fish had disappeared just before the waves started lapping at the deck pylons.  I watched with great intensity and curiosity as these small waves passed and continued up the coast, created from some invisible force. NOTE: whatever it was also briefly generated heat, which also ended as the waves passed.
Within less than a minute of “its” passing, the insects and fish returned like nothing had happened.  As it was very late and we had a long drive to the airport the next morning we called it a night, thinking that was as much excitement we’d have.

But we were wrong, very wrong.  The “fun” shit was to hit the fan upon our return to DC.
A few weeks had passed upon our return home to the DC area and resumed our daily routine, he waiting tables at a local restaurant, me at the local Sheriff’s office.  One afternoon after returning home from work I changed clothes and left to run some errands when I noticed two oddities. The first was of a young man who was working our apartment front desk. I’d never seen him before so he stood out – late 20’s, early 30’s, 6 plus feet tall, light brown curly hair. He gave me an odd look so I headed for the doors.

As I exited the building I noticed 4 short asian men standing outside a late model blue car, one at each of the 4 doors. The car had been parked in reverse so the front of it was facing me. All of a sudden the headlights started blinking on and off but no one was sitting in the car. To this day I don’t know why I didn’t put 2 and 2 together, but I didn’t. All I recall is the emotion of feeling annoyed because I was tired and just wanted to finish my errands so I could relax at home.
Got back about half an hour later, parking my car 2 rows away from the entrance of the building because the lot was pretty full now. As I entered the lobby, the young man told me I had left my lights on the car.  Internal I thought “how would he know that, I parked the car with the headlights facing away from the building.”  But to be on the safe side I went back out to check, but know, like I had suspected, they were NOT on.

I was pissed as I went into the lobby then notice a tall, light haired, older gentlemen get off the elevator, again, giving me an “odd” looking scowl.  My attitude at that point was “Fuck You both” as I called it a night.
A few weeks passed without incident until one afternoon  I enter the lobby and an odd looking young man is seating in the lobby. You have to understand I had been living in this building for over 10yrs at this point and knew most of the other residents. He seating upright, back straight, had very pale skin, large dark sunglasses, dark hair, with an odd cut like someone had put a bowl over his head and cut his hair.  

When he got sight of me he raised his arm, slowly waved, and called out “Hoody”.  The only time I’ve heard that greeting was from one of the residents who was mentally challenged.   My first thought was “Holy crap! Is he a clone?” But again, I brushed my intuition aside, said hello, and left.
Several quiet years went by without further incidents until I start having marital problems and asked my husband for a divorce.  That’s when all the Woo Woo stuff started again.  Over the course of several months we’d hear things crashing in the kitchen, but upon inspection, nothing was broken. The boom box in the closet would turn itself on in the middle of night even though it wasn’t plugged in or had batteries. 

The kicker was the TV, an older console type. It didn’t manner which one of us was watching it but became to channel cruise on its own! We had it checked 2 or 3 times but they always came back and said nothing was wrong with it. It got so bad that at one point we called in a priest to bless the apartment, to no avail.

At that point we knew that “someone” was messing with us and assumed that it was a relative who had passed on and wasn’t pleased with our impending divorce. So we put an Polaroid instant camera on the coffee table.  Since the human sight is limited in spectrum, camera’s can sometimes capture “energy” that we can’t.  So one night, as the TV was acting up, ex took the fateful picture you see on my website – that of a Grey staring out of the TV screen directly at my husband as he snapped the picture!    

We discussed at length why they would still be interested in us since they had left us alone for some time now. The only conclusion we came up with was that psi abilities run in both of us and our families. Why that is of importance to them, I don’t know.

…… to be continued.