"Each of us, individually and collectively, are responsible for our thoughts, words,and actions as these are energy which creates reality at any given moment. I want to share my insights into how important it is at this period of time for humanity to mature emotionally, evolve consciously and embrace the divine spark of light and love that exists and can be manifested in each of us." Leslie Beil

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WE ARE GODS (WAGS) i.e. “Normal People”, “Alpha’s”, “Tomorrow People” (take your pick)

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.”   Teilhard de Chardin 

Earlier this year I had a dream – floating out in space I was viewing Spaceship Earth. The left side was very dark, the middle gray, but the right side was clear and pristine. The way I interpreted it was that the dark side is The Tribe’s (Humanity) past, the gray middle our current times, and the clear right our evolved, loving, collective future. However, in order to achieve this ascension to a higher, lighter frequency future, The Tribe needs to come to terms with its collective past.

Unfortunately the Abrahamic religions were created by men to explain the material reality for control of society for the benefit of a few.  They did this by decreeing certain word energies as coming from various “superior” beings than The Tribe and are the origin of the dummying down of Humanity. To this day we are told to disregard our energetic senses, to disregard what we learned in our dream states, what we saw with our own eye’s, or what we remembered from previous incarnations into the “material” realm.

However, The Tribe is becoming aware and is slowing awakening to the fact that “we are more than our physical bodies”, that all members of The Tribe are multidimensional energy beings (MDEB’s) who inhabit a bio-electromagnetic suit for very brief periods of time. Each of us, individually and collectively, are responsible for our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions as these are energy which creates our material reality at any given moment.

And therein lays The Tribe’s problem:  our electromagnetic solar system is entering a part of the galaxy which is bombarding all life with new energies at the same time that our atmosphere is collapsing along with our geomagnetic shield failing. Since both our bio-suit and our essence (spirit/soul) are energy as well, we act as an antenna for these energies so The Tribe needs to be told of these events and how to protect themselves and Spaceship Earth.

As this is happening to our “reality” it is also happening on/in other nearby dimensions as the veil between all is thinning.  Humanity is beginning to see, hear, and experience that which they’ve been taught doesn’t exist. They need to be prepared for what has been happening and is accelerating as I write this.

Those not spiritually aware and awake about being MDEB’s need to be taught how to control their energies to create their individual and our collective reality.  Once enough of us are fluent in these practices and exercises, we can begin to correct the wrongs that have been inflicted on Spaceship Earth and her inhabitants.  However, that brings us to problem number two – the Truth of our collective history needs to see the light of day so we can finally kick the negative/regressive Service To Self (STS’s) MDEB’s to curb.  

“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”    Patrick Henry

First and foremost, you and yours need to come clean about how The Tribe was created, not by some unseen GOD, but entities not of our world. You need to acknowledge the work of ancient Hebrew scholar and translator Mauro Biglino, among others, which proves that the translations of the bible are purposely incorrect. 

Basically, all life on Spaceship Earth’s material reality was created by enlightened spiritual groups of Service To Others (STO) Aliens fusing, mixing, and combining their collective DNA/genetic material.  Their intent was to create a beautifully bio-diverse world, Ark if you like, with The Tribe being created to become stewards of this paradise.

Unfortunately, the STS negative/regressive civilizations not involved in this collective experiment watched and began to covet these new creations. They started a cosmic war with the more enlightened civilizations and won, to the detriment of The Tribe. And they are still here, manipulating us to this day for their own greedy and predatory reasons.

This low frequency, regressive collective, being MDEB like Humanity, feeds off of the negative energies created by pitting us against one another which keeps us from evolving to a higher light/sound frequency.  They are able to do so with the approval of a very small group of Humans.  By keeping The Tribe in constant chaos the negative MDEB’s are well fed while the Service To Self (STS) members of The Tribe are rewarded with material wealth.

What both of these regressive groups didn’t take into consideration was the part of Space we are now entering.  Because of The Tribe’s natural multi-dimensional nature, both spirit/soul and our bio-suits, when educated, we can finally rid ourselves of the whole lot of them with just the power of intent – because we exist in a freewill zone of the galaxy. And this can be used to our advantage!

Unlike many regions of the Universe, ours is a freewill reality where “visitors” are only allowed if the “native” inhabitants welcome and approve. Therefore, if The Tribe is made aware of these beings and collectively kick THEIR collective asses to the curb, Spaceship will become paradise again!

But we have no time to waste in accomplishing this. These STS beings - both human and not - know The Tribe is becoming more awake and aware of their individual and collective abilities so they’re fearful that their “feeding ground” will disappear.  But don’t forget, The Tribe does have Allies; they’re the MDEB’s that created us in the first place, the STO’s that will come to our aid, if we just ask.

Once we rid Spaceship Earth of these parasites, we then need to cleanse the planet as well because  negative energies that have been created over the eon’s have become embedded at a cellular level on all life forms, include Gaia. To free the lost souls and to put up a permanent barrier to the lower frequency life forms, The Tribe needs to collectively focus emotions of light and love to locations where negative actions took place. Prisons, asylums, concentration camps, industrial accidents, etc.   Once accomplished our collective ascension begins.   

By now you’re probably asking how I know all the above to be true. Well, do I have a story to tell you!


Universe has been bitch slapping me around since I came out of the womb. It’s almost as if she can’t make up her mind as to whether I should exist or not. Being of a fickle nature, Universe would time and again assist me in having a near death experience, only to pull me from the brink of death at the very last moment.

The first time was when “persons unknown” threw my 1 ½ yr old body out of a second story window, but I fooled her by landing a 9.5 and just a broken thigh. About a year later I fell out of a moving car onto a busy street, then it was almost getting my skull  crushed at age 6 in a game of tag, and was nearly decapitated about age 8 exiting the family car.  Universe’s perverse sense of humor followed me into young adulthood when I was nearly done in by a couple of sharks, then drowning followed by electrocution. 

Most of this activity stopped once I married. Towards the end of our 11 year marriage in the mid 90’s is when we both encountered the Grey MDEB’s while on vacation in Florida.  The problems started when we came home to the DC area and they showed up on our door steps in a roundabout way.

One afternoon I came home from work, changed clothes, and then went out to run errands. But when I exited my apartment building, there were four identical Asian men standing outside of an old blue car, with their front car lights blinking on and off.  But didn’t work, I knew who they were, I was tired and went on my way.

Then, a few weeks later, this “robotic” type “kid” was sitting in my apartment lobby. He had black hair, very white skin and was wearing sunglasses. As I entered he was sitting, back straight, staring out the window, when he turned to me raising his right arm and waved to me, saying “Howdy!” Very strange.

The mid 2000’s is when I encountered the Reptilian race at a meditative workshop at The Monroe Institute in Virginia.  For the week long course we would have remote viewing/meditative practice sessions 3 or 4 times a day. It was during the first day or two that I saw their eye’s in my mind’s eye. After a few of those encounters I questioned the staff as to what was going on. They stated these MDEB’s frequented the area but weren't a threat.

As for the Nordics, finally met them beginning in 2011. Very attractive species most are tall and very fit, blue slanted eyes, high cheek bones, though there are variations with brown hair and being short. But there was an arrogance about them, like The Tribe is beneath them.  

I had an encounter with one in my magic kingdom (park). He was playing some kind of a flute by one of the streams. The music was beautiful and haunting at the same time so I approached him from behind, gently tapped his shoulder, said “Excuse me” and asked him about the flute.

He barely turned his head, told me what it was and ended the conversation with “I wasn’t expecting to be poked in the back” then started playing again. Rude!  


Again, I’ve known and exercised my energetic senses from an early age. When the phone rang I knew who was on the other end or in later years an email was incoming from a particular person. When I thought of other people I cared for they’d show up or call. But I also had precognitive abilities like when a quarter of my family was in Madrid when the train station was bombed a few years back. I knew hours before hand that something was amiss but I couldn’t zero in on the matter.

But the fun “stuff” is “playing” with weather!   I started decades ago as a bored housewife accompanying her husband’s Sunday morning fishing trips. While he fished, I’d read the Washington Post and when finished, started playing with clouds. I did so by focusing on a particular one with the intention to either DISAPATE or GROW/EXPAND.  After some practice I got really good at it!

In the early morning after writing to President Obama before his first inaugural address I turned off all the lights in my apartment, opened the blinds on my big picture window facing the direction of the White House and started focusing on a cloud to expand. And it did, slowly but surely, it started sucking in the few surrounding clouds, growing by leaps and bounds, to the point it scared the crap out of me because it was just above the Whitehouse! So I stopped focusing but it continued to suck in the surrounding clouds! I immediately closed the blinds and went to bed.

Though I’ve been aware of and used them frequently, beginning in the fall of 2010 my energetic abilities were ramping up. During this period I spent a great deal of time walking, meditating, and writing in a very special magic kingdom (local park). It was crisscrossed by several streams with pathways both paved and not throughout the hills and valleys.

It was then that I noticed that birds of different feathers do flock together when in my vicinity, perching very near me or even coming right up to me, with ducks and geese taking naps at my feet or Robins and Cardinals following me on the trails.  It was the same thing with insects – dragon flies alighting on my writing material or butterflies and lady bugs landing on or near me.

But Squirrels were a hoot! They’d coming running up to me, standing up on their hind legs, just to get a closer glimpse of me or the time I had a 5 minute conversation with one not a foot away from where I was sitting, gnawing on a nut, discoursing on subjects I know not of.  Or the turtles in the pond that swam from the opposing shore to greet me on the deck every day, necks craned up into my direction. The wild deer were also awesome, coming up to sniff my hand with no fear in their eyes.

But communing with a Great Blue Heron for a couple of minutes and the eagle that circled over me after I asked it to come closer are proof that all life is interconnected – if we use our empathic and compassionate energies from a place of love.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing."  Edmund Burke

2011 was supposed to be the birth of The Tribe’s Apocalypse, “the disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation, a disclosure of something hidden.”  The Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, among many worldwide shattering events, were supposed to bring in the dawn of the spiritual evolution of a more mature Humanity and to take our rightful place at the table of cosmic consciousness.

And though I had been chiding American main stream media in regards to their collective word energies effect on The Tribe – or the lack thereof – since 2010, all it did was get US federal government goons all over my ass.  Or maybe it was an email I sent to President Obama (Sir Dude) about wanting to be Spaceship Earth’s first planetary Ambassador to the other MDEB civilizations. Who knows!  NOTE: full disclosure at my blog site http://onetribeinfinitepossibilitiesreport.blogspot.com/

Because I wasn’t able to “be the change I wish to see in the world”, I’m passing the torch onto all of you, the Spiritual Warriors of The Tribe. Your job is to spread the word of what needs to be done to assist Humanity in its much delayed evolutionary progress.  All this knowledge is available to The Tribe if they just searched inside themselves to envision our planet and each other with compassionate, empathic, loving, light energies. 
 If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

 “Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom” —Paracelsus

With the utmost respect,

Leslie Beil, aka Artemis!

Cc: His Holiness Pope Francis, Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri, Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano, Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, Albert J. DiUlio, His Holiness the Dalai Lama


In the section titled CURIOUS CREATURES AND MAGIC KINGDOMS I failed to mention several things. That time period wasn’t all “peaches and cream” for me, there were many experiences of “darker” elements. By this I mean encounters with dog’s, normally very sweet to me, turning into “Cuju” when they neared me, a horrible odor in my new apartment. And the crows!

They began showing up in early 2010 when I was heavily into meditation, doing so for many hours throughout the day, both at home and in my magic kingdom.  For the longest time I had always associated crows and raven’s in a negative light so I’d do whatever I could to make them go away, including throwing sticks at them and telepathically telling them to stay away from me!

It wasn’t until I turned to my heart center in the middle of 2011 to resolve my irritation by sending them the same loving light energies that I did the other curious creatures. I did so after researching the folk lore and found many cultures that thought of them in a positive light. And it worked! They began to think of me as a member of their murder (flock) so they’d roost in branches just a foot or two above me, cooing in an odd, pleasant way.

But for reasons I can’t explain, in January of this year, I stopped meditating. Completely. By July I noticed the magic was disappearing from my kingdom. The ducks and geese stopped taking naps near my and others feet. The birds stopped accompanying on walks and my precious squirrels stopped coming by and talking with me.

I miss the magic so I started meditating a couple of months ago, both at home and in my kingdom. The magic is slowly coming back, but it’s going to take time as winter settles in and I visit less frequently. But I’m a determined old broad so why don’t you join me so that together we can “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

And I’m not the only one! Just yesterday I discovered an AMAZING woman who has far surpassed my feeble attempts at trans-species communication! Again, it’s as simple as coming from a state of graceful, heartfelt loving, energies when dealing with ALL life forms as we’re all interconnected. http://www.animalspirit.org/
Just one more thing: my ex-husband/roommate, when losing an argument, “threatens” me with karate chops.  The other day, when meditating in bed, I started losing focus and received a gentle karate chop on the back of my neck!! I got the message and refocused again but minutes later, another chop to the neck! Same thing happened today but it wasn’t as gentle as the earlier ones! Universe has been eavesdropping!  As with everyone, I’m a work in progress Missy, cut me some slack!