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Friday, May 4, 2012


Dear President Obama:

Your “seeds of hate” speech at the Holocaust Museum was very apropos for the venue. Sadly, I doubt that those in attendance would subscribe those words to themselves or Israel.  As a nation Israel needs to collectively look in the mirror every once in a while and/or read their holy book more often before pointing lying fingers at others.  
Over 70 yrs ago Jews, as a people, experienced horrendous atrocities committed by their fellow man. But instead of that era being a difficult “lesson learned” moment, Israel perpetrates “similar” actions against all non-Jews in the Mideast region.  They routinely murder innocent women, children, and men for simply throwing stones or jail them, many in solitary confinement, including young kids, for minor indiscretions. Very much akin to the apartheid policies of South Africa decades ago.

Not being satisfied with the borders granted them by the UN in 1946, they have over the decades systematically and forcefully taken more territory away from the original inhabitants. By doing so they have created virtual ghetto zones by destroying homes, orchard groves, and power grids.
If that were not enough they routinely cordon off the Palestinian area’s to humanitarian aid of food, medicine, and building supplies then murdering those aid workers. Even more reprehensible is the way Israel deflects the world’s attention away from their egregious behavior by creating a fictitious boggie man – Iran – been doing that for decades. And, as always, America backs them up with weapons of mass destruction and money. Common sense tells me that’s the major reason why America is so disliked by the Muslim members of The Tribe.

Also keep in mind that Israel routinely steal US state secrets, murder Americans (USS Liberty) and others, meddle in US politics, and try to censor unflattering news in regards to their unsavory actions.
Most western nations and world leaders have awaken to the fact that a divided Palestine will never work as the area is too small and the animosities too great for there to be 2 nations.  All of which brings me to the “simple stupid” solution to peace in Palestine – one state, equal rights, and reparations back to 1967 for homes, businesses, and farm land taken from the original owners.  Additionally, Jerusalem would become its own City-State, ruled by the worlds 2 major and 1 minor religions – Christians, Muslims, and Jews – duly elected by the current residents of the city.  

Now some unenlightened types might suggest that the above is nothing more than a pipe dream, but with all due respect Sir you do have the ability to pull this off with ….. SANCTIONS! Just as you are currently using this tactic with Iran, and quite effectively I might add, use the same to cajole Israel into doing the honorable thing of making true peace with the neighbors and fellow countrymen!
By following the lead of other nations and the Methodist church for “all nations to prohibit the import of products made by companies in Israeli settlements on Palestinian land” amid other sanctions, I KNOW Spaceship Earth would finally see true peace in the Mideast and around the globe.

Please take that leap of faith before it’s too late. WW3.O SHOULD BE A NO GO! (and a no brainer)