"Each of us, individually and collectively, are responsible for our thoughts, words,and actions as these are energy which creates reality at any given moment. I want to share my insights into how important it is at this period of time for humanity to mature emotionally, evolve consciously and embrace the divine spark of light and love that exists and can be manifested in each of us." Leslie Beil

Friday, September 13, 2013


That phrase has been making the rounds quite a bit this week. And every time I hear those word energies I cringe. What American Exceptionalism are they talking about? It can’t be our ability to manufacture quality goods as we’ve shipped those jobs over sea’s.

It can’t be about “liberty and justice for all” because America has become a militarized police state, our prison system is the largest on the planet and a for profit business model with our judicial system having become loaded with conservative activist judges. 

Income inequality continues to grow at an exponential rate, with the hard working – if they can find a job – disappearing middle class citizens still losing their homes to corrupt “banksters.” All of this while not ONE high level “bankster” has been charged and/or sentenced for their economic crimes against Humanity. 

And what about the only business referenced in our Constitution – a free press? Not only has this administration legally challenged more reporters than all the other presidents combined, most of media organizations – whether print or television – are now owned by just 6 multinational corporations! As such, American’s worldview is contracting at an ever faster pace as they are relegated to “fluff” news like Miley Cyrus scandals or what Honey Boo Boo ate last night.

Last but not least is the concept of American Exceptionalism in regards to spreading the enlightening concept of Democracy as a fair and just government model. Since the end of WWII, we have invaded and installed more dictators than I can count. Through our “honorable” actions millions of men, women, and children have been killed, murdered, and deplaced. Dozens of countries endured long civil wars after our departure in the Middle East, Asia, and Central America in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s ….. 

Anyone remember Vietnam and our “patriotic” usage of napalm and agent orange??  Or that America assisted Saddam Hussein with gassing Iranians in the 80’s?  More recently, we’ve been kidnapping “presumed guilty” innocent people, taking them to “friendly” allied countries to be tortured and, in some cases, murdered. Currently our government “leaders” have the “audacity” to invade yet another nation because a few hundred children and others were supposedly “gassed” by their government.  

In a Washington Post op-ed piece today, Richard Cohen tried to make the case “that only the US can play cop”.   Since the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree I say maybe Israel can take that unwelcome mantle from us in light that they were proven to have used chemical weapons on innocents. Unfortunately for Spaceship Earth that’s been the problem over these many decades – we’ve been playing the role of the “bad” cop far too well.

As a nation we wonder why we are one of the most hated and reviled country on the planet. Makes me wonder if the reason Lady Liberty is blindfolded is because she’s ashamed at what our country has become.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD – The Year I Discovered Doctor Who, Wordsmith Superhero’s, and Encountered Government Goons.


Having worked for several “beltway bandits” over the years I was laughing my ass off and fist pumping the air yelling “YES!” with Edward Snowden’s revelations that the American government has been and is spying on The Tribe (humanity) all over Spaceship Earth. Why would a self described “yellow dog” Democrat to the bone find such constitutional violations amusing?

Because a few years ago I was targeted by the very people I had worked for and with, including possibly a family member. Government goons entered my mundane life with car and helicopter chases, being stalked on foot in stores, libraries, parks, and my home, along with having my phones tapped and computer hacked. By this point you might ask “Why would the feds mess with an overweight middle aged woman?” The only thing I could think of, being a spawn of crazy genius linage, is that someone didn’t like my writing the media and blogging because that’s when “they” would ramp up the attacks.

Edward Snowden’s courageous act was vindication for me personally that my government was capable of these actions. At the time, I told anyone who would listen about my plight, including family and friends, but focused on media. Their powerful word energies could change The Tribe’s new twisted collective reality in regards to the false fear war against Muslims worldwide, one of many other lies being sold as Truth to my fellow citizens, for the profit of a few.  

Having worked in the defense industry for many years in contracts and procurement, I grew increasingly disconcerted at the growing false fear freaks pimping ever more tech “toys” for our boys in the military and other government agencies. The word “diplomacy” had become obsolete, a dirty word to stop propagation of dirty, greed driven wars.  In 2009 when I had too much time on my hands after being laid off I started noticing and analyzing the word energies coming out of DC and elsewhere. It wasn’t just the hippos on the hill as I call most members of Congress, but President Obama (Sir Dude) and media as well.

But let me start at the beginning


The Early Years 

Universe has been bitch slapping me around since I came out of the womb. It’s almost as if she can’t make up her mind as to whether I should exist or not. Being of a fickle nature, Universe would time and again assist me in having a near death experience, only to pull me from the brink of death at the very last moment.

The first time was when “persons unknown” threw my 1 ½ yr old body out of a second story window, but I fooled her by landing a 9.5 and just a broken thigh. About a year later I fell out of a moving car onto a busy street, then it was almost getting my skull  crushed at age 6 in a game of tag, and was nearly decapitated about age 8 exiting the family car (automatic windows in cars had just been invented).  Universe’s perverse sense of humor followed me into young adulthood when I was nearly done in by a couple of sharks, then drowning followed by electrocution.  


Things quieted down until 2010 when I entered the time period I call the Woo Woo Years.  This was when I encountered “unusual” people, animals, places, and “things”.  For instance, in the spring of 2010 I attended a workshop at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur CA were I encountered a young man VERY interested in Grey ET’s.  He was glued to my hip whenever the various workshops took breaks for meals and free time, with the topic of Grey’s being of most interest to him.

I paid him no mind until the last night there. In late afternoon a VERY heavy fog bank rolled in, the likes of which I’d never experienced before, enveloping the cliff by the main lodge. I stayed up late that night to enjoy star gazing I could never have seen back on the east coast when a tall woman started walking toward me, wearing a long multi-colored feather cloak! She was carrying a flashlight to guide her so I was blinded by it as she passed. By the time my eye’s had refocused she was gone.

In the fall of 2010 I was writing in my favorite magic kingdom (park), sitting next to a running stream and noticed an Asian woman sitting in an old red pickup truck, talking to someone on her cell phone as she stared at me. Thinking nothing of it I went back to writing when minutes later she called out and asked if I could help her with the truck.

I pulled out my jumper cables but informed her I didn’t know how to hook them up to which she replied “No worries, I have a tow truck coming”. Puzzled, I was about to put the cables back in my car when she asked me not to, “Maybe someone will come by who knows how to use them”. And a man did just a few minutes later, getting her engine started, as I proceeded to put my cables away. As I was about to say goodbye, she asked to use my cell to cancel the tow as her phone couldn’t pick up a signal.

I obliged, handing her my phone, but wondering, she used just 15 minutes before, but now it didn’t work?  Ran into her again a few weeks later, same thing, her phone didn’t work, could she use mine. Though hesitant but being of a kind nature, I unfortunately handed it over. I would come to regret that act of kindness in the coming months as that was when my phones were tapped and my computer hacked.

Over the course of the next few weeks she’d occasionally stop my spot to chat and that’s how I learned that her parents had immigrated from China to Burma. Unfortunately their timing was a bit off as Pol Pot came into power and she was orphaned when her parents were killed. 

A few years later she was adopted by an American family and eventually received a masters degree in a subject that I can’t recall.  Additionally, she’d studied abroad and traveled quite a bit from the pictures she showed me on her smart phone but is currently working (embedded?) in the Arlington VA school system though she was very evasive about her job title. 

In early/mid October in 2010 she invited me to go for a drive out to the Shenandoah Valley to visit some of her friends and pick apples. I agreed as long as I could drive. It takes about an hour to reach our destination so we left midmorning the next day.  On the way out I told her that she could be my co-pilot to which she responded “You mean navigator.” Worked for me.

After spending some time in an orchard she directed me down a long, winding gravel road and ended up in front of a cute white house on top of a cliff overlooking the Shenandoah River with a huge BELIEVE red neon sign on the outside.  I know, a bit odd, considering that our topic of discussion shortly before arriving was about how my ex and I encountered ET’s in FL and at home. Just another example of Universe’s wicked sense of humor.  

Anyways, a very sweet older woman answered the door and warmly invited us in, with the two of them doing most of the talking.  What I found unusual was their conversations about mutual friends far flung travels, with one woman acquaintance traveling between DC and Moscow on an almost weekly basis.  When we left I asked how she came to know such an “ecliptic” group of people but her response was, as usual, “cryptic” – “Oh, I just happen to meet and make friends easily.”  Sure you do! 

Our next adventure was a trip to Vincent Gray’s mayoral campaign office in DC where she attempted to encourage me to get a job with them. We all know how that went! 

This woman was very persistent in “getting to know” me.  She would call 4-5 times a week but my intuitive nature was ringing warning bells every time.  That’s when I made the mistake of telling her I was going to Detroit and Chicago for Thanksgiving to visit family and friends. In her eye’s this was a dream come true as she always wanted to visit both cities and would love to meet my family! 

Needless to say I didn’t invite her or answer her incessant phone calls during that trip. When I got back to DC I had had enough and politely told her to stop contacting me. She did. And that’s when Universe ramped up the Woo Woo. 


Curious Creatures and Magic Kingdoms

My favorite magic kingdom was in Arlington VA, a beautiful park that was crisscrossed by several streams and bridges, having trails paved and not, frequented by all manner of creatures.  Mammalian, canine, and avian, this park had them all.

But I have to say the most curious of all these creatures were the Humans.  In early winter of 2010 it was the very tall, one eyed photographer with his two colorful macaws. I was in awe as he offered to place one on my arm.  A brilliant neon red and white with black and yellow streaks, she gently bent her head back and in slow motion flapped her wings! An amazing experience that I’ll cherish to my end times..

Then there were the 3 ancient Asian women doing their Tai Chi daily at sunrise, swaying in unison with the old oak tree’s at a streams edge as if all were one. The sight of them every morning brought me peace and calmed my soul, eternally grateful for their energies.

A week or so later I met a Haitian woman wearing a long, brightly colored ruffled skirt walking barefoot through the creek heading towards me.  As she approached I noticed a large black crow feather in her straw hat. Unfortunately it was difficult to chat as she knew very little English nor I French, but I did come across something of interest a week or two later.

On a walk I saw what looked like fresh chicken feet along one of the creek banks. When a park service person came by I asked about the unusual find. She replied that a small group of people in the area practiced Santeria, a religion that included animal sacrifices! Needless to say, I never encountered this woman again nor found any more chicken parts.


This particular magic kingdom was frequented by many retired foreign nationals. I had met people from around the globe there from every continent but Antarctica.  One day stands out when 3 women from various ex-Soviet block countries came for a picnic and invited me to join them. Only one spoke English so she acted as the translator between myself and them as they unpacked the baby stroller of food, wine, and a machete! And this was at 10am in the morning! Lovely women, each and every one!

But it was around this time that I met the Cossack and his hound. Normally I take my walk first, strolling through my kingdom to make sure everything was as it should be. I would then sit, meditate for awhile, then read and write.  But whenever my path crossed with the Cossack and his hound, a HUGH MF’er of mixed linage, it wanted to rip my throat out! This dog was bat shit crazy! And it’s guardian almost delighted in this display of anticipated carnage! 

One day, as I was finishing up my morning walk, I saw a petite elderly woman with 2 tiny fru fru dogs talking to the Cossack! I picked up my pace to prevent a blood bath, took a stance between them with arms and legs splayed,  and proclaimed “Madam you need to step away because this dog makes Cujo look like a pussy!” At that point the Hound came up, licked my hand, with me verbal stating “What the fuck?” when he did what he had always done – bare his teeth with a baritone growl, pacing back and forth, checking me out to find the most opportune spot to gut me.

At that point, this gentile woman said “Ivan, that’s all I needed to see.” Another WTF moment! A few months later I moved to another part of town but that Cossack and his hound would come back into my life in a most unusual way. But shortly after this other, more menacing presences made themselves known.


The Haunted Necklace

My favorite time of year has always been late fall through late winter because it was all about family, friends, and food.  Hailing from the upper Midwest, it meant hot food and sitting in front of roaring fireplaces, playing board games and cards.

The season started with Devils Night on the eve of Halloween with gangs of kids owning the night, pummeling neighbors  and friends houses with egg’s, soaping their windows, and draping toilet paper in their tree’s.  With the smell of musky rotting leaves hanging heavy in the air, our parents would go to Kroger’s to stock up on these essential items so we could do our worst, knowing full well that the next day we’d have to clean up the mess we made. 

But that was ok because that  night we could go begging from door to door for candy! Each of us kids knew which houses had the biggest and best selection of candy bars as well as avoiding those homes that only gave out fruit.  Better yet was following a kid or two that didn’t know they had a hole in their bag as we picked up the lost treats.

And all the kids knew that once Halloween was over the next grand holiday of Thanksgiving was right around the corner. That day was special not just because of time off from school and roasted Turkey with all matter of sides and pies, it also meant that Christmas, my personal favorite holiday, was only a month later.

When I was older and living on my own, I’d spend months finding that special gift for family and friends. On more than one occasion I’d also purchase a trinket or two as a little gift for myself which I did in December of 2010. I was out shopping with a friend in Leesburg Virginia when we went into a large antique shop.  After perusing old civil war memorabilia and assorted china I found the jewelry section filled with both costume jewelry and really nice, unaffordable stuff.

That’s when I spotted a lovely pear shaped silver piece, inlaid with gold, dark blue crystals, and a diamond shaped opal in the center.  I fell in love with it immediately and asked a clerk how much it was. Since it was well within my budget I purchased it, even telling the clerk not to bother wrapping it as I was going to put it on right then and there.

And I wore it daily, not even taking it off at night when I went to bed, I loved it that much. It was around this time that several peculiar things started happening to me – I lost all sense of taste, and therefore appetite, and developed a severe case of insomnia. No food aroma could tweak me to eat anything more than a pinch of trail mix or a single bite of a banana on any given day or sleep more than an hour or two in any given 24 hour period.

Having  been overweight for years I was happy to finally be losing pounds but along with the lack of sleep and not eating my hair began to fall out by the fistful! I’m as vain as the next woman so I starting using hair growing products so that at the very least I could stem the loss. And it worked, kinda.

It wasn’t the hair loss that concerned my friends as much as my weight loss. From my perspective the stress I was experiencing was because of the harassment of the government goons that were hacking my computer, tapping my phones and stalking me on the streets because of my writing. I had shed about 40 pounds when friends and my ex husband started speaking up, at one point even having an “intervention” of sorts! Their collective consensus was that it wasn’t government goons but my necklace! I was like WTF are you talking about?

They thought it was haunted or worse, cursed! All my troubles would go away once I stopped wearing my favorite piece of jewelry.  Though I’m more than aware that negative energies can become attached to people, places, and things, that wasn’t happin’ with my handcrafted work of art and I refused to take it off.  Besides, for the first time in my adult life I didn't have any more back fat that in the past would bulge out of my bra.

But I finally caved in late summer of 2011 when, due to financial insecurity, I had to move in with my ex husband. We rented an apartment together in another part of town with me moving in first. But I started taking his words to heart when one day I got a whiff of a god awful stench when I was walking by the hallway bathroom.  The scent smelt of sulfur and death, to the point I almost vomited but it dissipated almost as quickly as it had emerged.  I chalked it up to a neighboring apartment, with a tenant with intestinal issues.

However, when I told him about the two VERY large crows that were perched on our balcony railing, staring at me, with no fear, that was the last straw for him as he insisted I stop wearing it after he moved in the following month.  And I did take it off to keep the peace, preferring a soft bed instead of camping along a highway.

A few weeks later, exhausted, I was ying down one afternoon, attempting to meditate. A few hours later I awoke after having a dream for the first time in over 10 months.  Don’t remember what it was about but my sleep patterns were becoming more regular as was my appetite.  And unfortunately over the course of a year put back all the weight I had lost.

Time to start wearing my necklace again so I can lose that back fat!  

UPDATE: Crows had been the bane of my existence starting in late 2009. For several years there was a group of 6 that lived around my apartment complex, terrorizing people and other creatures.  But it didn’t stop even when I moved as they showed up at my local magic kingdom. Finally stopped around the spring of 2012. But here’s the funny – or not so funny thing. The morning after posting this story a very large crow showed up on my neighbors balcony! Universe has a wicked and twisted sense of humor. Btw: A “group” crows is called a "murder". Welcome to my woo woo world!


Eugene, Eugene, Eugene

One of favorite Wordsmith’s at that time was Eugene Robinson, Pulitzer prize winning op-ed writer at the Washington Post (WAPO). His word energies were inspiring and enlightening, expanding everyone’s worldviews.  I trusted his wisdom and accurate assessment of The Tribes reality at the time. As with the other Wordsmiths, I would send him emails directly with comments and/or questions. I preferred this method as opposed to going on WAPO’s website as the comments there could be very nasty to both the author or a public commentator.

Sometime in late March or early April of 2011, when I had almost reached my wits end, I thought that if anyone could fix my computer it would be Eugene and WAPO. .  Being America’s best known purveyor of Truth I thought WAPO would be a perfect solution because their IT staff  most certainly would have to protect their computer system as much as the government or a defense contractor. Therefore they could “magically” protect my computer from the onslaughts of the Fed’s.

The previous night I had experienced major computer problems when I attempted to email Rachel Maddow. As I did every evening, I’d email comments and questions in regards to MSNBC news coverage but that particular night I received the strangest message from Yahoo – something along the lines “MSNBC considers your email message to be spam or worse. We’d like to suggest you change the wording and/or content of your email.”

At the time, I was floored, but now, knowing that Yahoo, along with many other internet companies were “sharing” The Tribe’s personal information with the government, it makes a lot more sense.  And I suppose it didn’t help that I was also blogging about companies like Yahoo, Verizon and Monsanto as a mysterious ret. Col told me in my magic kingdom one day. More on him shortly.

I packed up my computer and headed to DC the next morning after rush hour had ended. I parked at the Mayflower Hotel and walked the several blocks to throw the government goons off my track. The security guards at the WAPO building on 15th Street stated that if I didn’t have an appointment with Eugene they couldn’t let me in. I begged them to at least call him, thinking in my “muddy brain” that he and I were on a first name basis because of my relentless email correspondence over the past year or so.

But Eugene kicked me to the curb, asserting he had a deadline to meet, which I totally understood. Not knowing what to do I walked a block or two toward the White House and ended up at a coffee shop, trying to ponder my next move. Not being a coffee drinker, I didn’t stay long, and headed back to my car.

Having lived and worked in DC years earlier, 10-10:30am during the work week in early spring is a virtual desert of people as most are already in their offices. But that morning I witnessed some “suspect” behavior as I walked those blocks back to my car. One man whistled to another with a nod to me, then a couple of blocks further a female, pretended to tie her shoe laces – what DC woman with any sense of style wears hard black leather, lace up, government issued shoes -  on the corner of L and 17th Street, following me back to the Mayflower.

When several credit cards didn’t appear to work at valet parking, I had to use an ATM machine and paid cash. I then drove down Conn. Ave. to take a bridge onto route 50 into VA with the intent of getting some “pumped up” music to bolster my shattered ego. As I raced toward 7 Corners and Target I falsely thought I had once again out witted my nemesis. Unfortunately, within less time than it took to walk from my car – I park handicap near the entrance - into the store there was a helicopter flying so low over Target that the store racks were shaking for at least 15-20 seconds!

I know it doesn’t sound like a long time, but to immigrants from war torn countries like El Salvador, any other Mid East or African countries who live and frequent this section of No. VA, it sounds like minutes and brings back not so fond memories. I kid you not, these people play low ball, but they didn’t know who they were messing with.  The more they dicked around with me the pisser my Buddhist attitude got.

So I purchased my ACDC CD – with a credit card that HADN’T worked at the Mayflower Hotel, but did now - cranked up the car stereo blaring “War Machine” as I headed to my magic kingdom to meditate in the peace and quiet of nature. Think I might have scared an Arlington Cty cop who was heading to work as I drove by, giving me a curious look of “WTF is your problem”. Sorry dude, it wasn’t about you.


In early 2011 I rediscovered a great little place in the Clarendon section of Arlington Cty in No. VA. At night it has really good bands from all over the country performing a wide spectrum of genres, along with Sunday night poetry slams. But during the day it operated as a restaurant serving some very good Chai Tea. On the more blustery days I’d head over there to get a hot cup and write my stories  or letters to Sir Dude and media.

Most days a song would came over the sound system that I particularly liked so I’d ask about the artist or band. Both the music and tea soothed my soul as I attempted to find the right word energies to heal our nation by inspiring Sir Dude and the Wordsmiths of The Tribe “to be the change you wish to see in the world”. 

Throughout my life when times were tough I’d turned to rock and roll for comfort and courage.  So along with ACDC, I stocked my car with the likes of Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and Sheryl Crow.  My belting out her song Steve McQueen repeatedly during the early morning hours in my apartment got me a visit from the local cops because neighbors were under the impression I was being accosted from unknown assailants.  

But the Steve McQueen song really pumped me up with lines like “All American Rebel” and “I’m taking shit from no one” and “I’m going to make it alright”  as I pictured myself a modern day Steve McQueen, driving around No. VA in my kickass Detroit made “fast machine”, out witting the bad guys, i.e. Feds!   Catch me if ya can MF’ers!

But then again, ACDC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top” is up there as well since I have a weakness for beefy guys in kilts blowing bagpipes!


Meltdown in the Magic Kingdom

After months of this crap I blew my normal “coolness” because of the harassment. Knowing that my bat shit crazy sibling worked at NSA as one of their top Arabic linguistic specialists and was the only person in our family to have access to every person on the planets emails/voice mails, I called my “go to guy”, Dad.  Since this sibling and I hadn’t spoken since 2004 I begged Dad to call and make them stop hacking my computer and following me around. Unfortunately he didn’t agree with me, insisting that sibling be “spared” because they might lose their job and instead suggested I stop writing! I was stunned.

On this beautiful spring Saturday morning, with people of all ages strolling through this magic kingdom, I
yelled into the phone at the top of my lungs “THIS IS AMERICA GOD DAMN IT, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO WRITE WHATEVER  THE FUCK I WANT!” He calmly asked if I thought I was Capt. America, to which I replied “IF I WANTED TO BE I SHOULD BE ABLE TO!!”  Needless to say, he never did approach that crazy genius on my behalf, so I went out and purchased a small pink canister of pepper spray. I know! Who knew they came in that color!

Along with my 5 pound key chain (I have a difficult time throwing away keys because I can’t remember if they’re still useful), and pepper spray I rediscovered my inter MF’ing BITCH  attitude. So be forewarned, don’t mess with a pissed off, menopausal, crazy genius woman of Irish descent!


A week or two after this “episode” I encountered an “odd couple” at my magic kingdom. I had just arrived after purchasing some coconut water at Trader Joe’s. Since it was relatively warm I didn’t want the water to spoil so I took my folding chair, writing materials and the water to my favorite meditation “spot”.  

Since I frequented this park daily I knew all the “regulars” so the couple who seated themselves nearby were strangers to me. But that didn’t stop me from asking them to watch my stuff so I could go for a short walk. They kindly accepted but when I arrived back 20 minutes later they had moved my chair and items right next to their picnic table.

The man did most of the talking while he and his wife sipped wine and smoked. Somehow the conversation got turned to my writing and what nefarious actions had been happening to me. That’s when this ret. Col. suggested that it wasn’t the government behind these actions but one or more multinational corporations I once or twice blogged or wrote about to the media. 

I immediately dismissed his suggestion in the spring of 2011 because corporations don’t have access to MOST airspace in the DC area for security reasons. But a few weeks ago I came across this dandy, but chilling article, with a quote from Monsanto “"Imagine the internet as a weapon, sitting on a table," former Monsanto Head of Public Relations Jay Byrne is quoted as saying back in 2001. "Either you use it or your opponent does, but somebody's going to get killed."


Is There a Doctor in the House? 

Again, because of the lack of Truth in America media I was forced to find other resources of information for my addled mind.  That led me to alternative media on the internet and cable TV. I don’t know about other areas of America but in DC, with a very cosmopolitan makeup of the population, there are many news channels on cable from around the world. 

That’s when I discovered BBC America.  I’ll never forget the story reported by one of their journalists named Katy Kay about 2010 NY governor runner up nutter Carl Paladino, ending with the comment “The absurdities of democracy” when describing his behavior during the race.  I howled with laughter and was grateful I was wearing a panty liner because I peed! And shortly thereafter discovered Dr. Who. 

Let’s face it, America rocks when it comes to sci-fi, a lifelong love of mine, just a notch below “real” science and animation.  America had The Jetson’s, Lost in Space, Star Trek and later ET, and Star Wars. The Brits on the other hand …. not so much, with their forte being comedy and drama … or so I thought. With the exception of Shaun of the Dead – horror actually – Britain doesn’t come close to our maestro’s of Bradbury, Spielberg, Lucas, and JJ Abrams. But I was wrong, very wrong.   

Again, the timing is fuzzy but it was in February or March of 2011 when I was channel cruising, ending up on BBCA . If I remember correctly, after the morning news a show called Doctor Who came on.  I recall seeing a blond, chubby cheeked young woman with a tall brown haired non-chubby guy, cavorting around space and time in a blue police box named the Tardis that’s larger on the inside than out! Being a science geek this was a favorite subject of mine. Special effects sucked, but being horny, the actor was a hottie (Christopher Eccleston) so I made a point of catching the show whenever it came on. 

But a week or two later there was another Doctor! Don’t get me wrong, he, David Tennant, was better looking, but the character Rose (Billie Piper) was still the same. What gives?? Again, the villains were a hoot with the Daleks having toilet plungers as weapons of mass destruction, the Cybermen nothing more than walking trash cans, and Rhino Warriors – (I have to say they were cool).

For a month or two BBCA would go back and forth between these 2 Doctor’s so I got used to these Time Lords and their all in one Swiss army knife like sonic screw driver. But I had a difficult time keeping track of David Tennant’s companions! One day it was Rose, the next it was Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) or Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)!

In early April of 2011 they started airing the Christmas specials, my favorite shows. That holiday used to be the happiest time of year for me. When I had money I loved nothing better than spending months finding that perfect gift for my family and friends.  But the Doctors Christmas’s were funny as shit with buzzsaw Christmas tree slicing up anything in its path. Or when Tennant ended up in Victorian London, meeting a fake Doctor Who and a Giant Cyberman. 

Then, out of nowhere, Tennant is gone, being replaced with Matt Smith! I was like why TF can’t BBCA keep their actors, so I emailed them, asking how many more Doctors I could expect. Never did get an answer so I just kept watching the program. Because of that I was able to figure out how the Doctor regenerated and morphed into a new body!

I liked Matt Smith in the role, kinda geeky in a foppish bowtie wearing way but with a heart of gold.  And, instead of having just one companion, he now had two  - Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill). SPOILER ALERT- At the end of last season they get permanently trapped in 1930’s NYC, never to be seen again! I sobbed like a baby watching that episode. 

Sometime in there a love interest shows up for the Doctor in the character of River Song (Alex Kingston). She was a gun toting, take no prisoners “archaeologist” from the future. It wasn’t until 2012 that I found out River’s true identity – again  SPOILER ALERT! She’s Amy and Rory’s love child! As for the aliens, better ones showed up in the guise of the Ood, Ice Warriors,  and Weeping Angels. 

Then, just as I was enjoying the Doctors adventures with River Song, and Amy and Rory’s in the spring of 2013 came an announcement from BBC that Matt was leaving!! Again, WTF can’t you keep your actors! So like everyone else, I’ll just have to wait until November to see if the new Doctor, portrayed by Peter Capaldi, will win my heart or not.  If anything like the others, he will.

This experience led me to other BBC programs like Primeval (time portals!), Torchwood (secret government group run by bisexual hottie Capt. Jack (John Barrowman), and Being Human with a werewolf, ghost, and vampire living in a group house. OH MY!

BBCA, I owe you an apology. Your sci-fi shows have come a long way baby! They’ve become legend with legions of fans from what I can tell by the Comic Con in San Diego in the summer of 2013 and because American producers have ripped them off from you! But in all honesty I actually prefer your version over ours. Well done! 

Wordsmith Super Hero’s

Though I’ve always suffered from insomnia, I developed a severe case around this time. Beginning in late 2010, for months on end no amount of medical Mary or vodka would give me rest. For over 9 months I was lucky if I got an hour or two of sleep in any given 24 hour period and lost one of my six senses - taste. On the bright side I ended up losing over 70 pounds, unfortunately I also ended up losing most of my hair!  But one of the side benefits was that I discovered late night talk shows and MSNBC. 

When you live in the DC area traffic is soo bad some people have commutes of over 2 hours, each way. That’s why many are in bed early and rise even earlier to get to work, myself included. Though I had heard of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brian, I couldn’t watch their shows, only catching glimpses when pundits like Dylan Ratigan, Chris Matthews, Ed Shultz, and Rachel Maddox would show clips of their shows in the evening news cycle. 

So began my journey of cajoling these Wordsmiths of The Tribe to change their collective word energies so Humanity could expand its worldview to change their individual and collective reality for the better. And I think it worked.  The lies are being called out, questions are being answered, for the most part, and American’s are slowly getting those in power to be accountable for their actions.

At this point you might ask how did an overweight, middle aged woman manage to accomplish this seeming insurmountable feat.  Besides audacity and chutzpah, I did it via the internet and email! But don’t get me wrong, there’s still tons of  untruth’s that need to see the light of day, but as always, I am a persistent curmudgeon and not going anywhere anytime soon.