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Sunday, February 16, 2014


I’ve been working on a movie treatment and would like your thoughts on it. The story line goes something like the following:

A hot looking middle aged woman, code named Artemis, attempts to educate the current sitting President in regards to a shadow government that has existed for decades unbeknownst to most main stream media (MSM) outlets and elected officials, including those in the White House. The government had been given, and/or found, technology that could change the history of our planet and Humanity for the better but is kept hidden from The Tribe in the name of greed, power, and control of Humanity.

This shadow government was aided in these endeavors by two other groups: negative Interplanetary and Inter-dimensional beings along with various Global Corporate interests. Artemis explains to the President that she had discovered these rogue elements of humans and Invaders have been mutilating, raping, and experimenting on Humans including cloning us. In the tech department, besides having clean efficient energy knowledge there is also tech to traverse not just space but time as well.

She knows these things not just from having done over 40 yrs of research but from personal experience.  Beginning in early childhood she had an innate sense that something wasn’t right with the bigger picture that the Catholic Church was painting of the world as she perceived it. Artemis explored other realms of existence through books. Later in her teens she began experimenting with various meditative practices to enhance her inherited psi abilities and subtle human energy fields (HEF).

In the 90’s Artemis found out through direct personal experience that there are intelligent beings other Humans that walk and exist within our current space, time, and reality.  But the really fun stuff began after 2000 when she started going to various workshops to hone her psi skills. They included studying with the late Anna Wise, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, and other physicists.  

 But the most interesting one occurred when she went to a weeklong Remote Viewing course at The Monroe Institute in Charlottesville VA.  It was there that Artemis discovered that the Reptilian species of space lore really did exist! When she informed the Monroe staff that these creatures were appearing to her during the exercises they told her not to worry, they are harmless and came here regularly!! And this is where the government trains its staff for remote viewing??? The pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together.

 In her endeavors to find Truth and share said Truth’s with the President Artemis gets followed by brick house built navy seal type goons of the government and Global corporations who threaten her life verbally, came within inches of her personal “space” on many occasions for intimidation purposes as she went about her daily routines, chased and photographed by rogue Washington DC K9 cop at National Archives Metro station after she attended a FOIA conference on April 12, 2011, Army officer in her apartment complex had a grunt stationed outside her apartment window for further intimidation, along with the usage of advanced tech like microwave and/or ultra high, ultra low EMF technology against her physically.  

Additionally Artemis had a sister working at NSA who could have been the culprit tapping her phones and hacking her computer.  These Dark powers even went to the extent of using negative psi-ops personnel and ET’s that attempted to attacked her but couldn’t penetrate her energy field for very long because of her WILL to make sure Truth would see the light of day. It also helped that psi abilities ran in her family so she was more able than most to protect herself against those type of threats.  

The President eventually acknowledges that he had been briefed, that this group does exists, that knowledge and technology has been withheld that can assist Humanity with solving ALL of our collective planetary problems but to disclose this information would cause the very fabric of the global society to collapse.  When Artemis gave him her classic “What the Fuck are you talking about Dude” incredulous look, he explained that these are considered “Disruptive Technologies” that could lead to total collapse of the already fragile world economy and shake Humanity’s belief in the world’s religious tenets if the Truth about non-human entities where to be known, she shook her head in utter dismay.

After gaining her composure, Artemis slowly explained that this idea was outdated given the thin veil of transparency that exists in regards to global communication capabilities among The Tribe. She then corrected him that the technological ramifications were actually about Diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS), that the need to make the public aware of these clean energy technologies is NEEDED NOW to prevent further disruption and deterioration of the Global Economic collapse and loss of life for billions because of the lack of clean water, energy, and food.  Furthermore, our actions are creating a negative externality with the spillover costs being incurred by The Tribe because of our immature and inapt abilities to manage what’s left of our COLLECTIVELY SHARED natural resources.

Artemis continued that the President was being purposely mislead and misguided by those who had briefed him, that most of The Tribe ARE well aware of the FACT that WE ARE NOT alone in this reality, dimension, and time.  But the most important way for letting TRUTH see the light of day is to have the scientists who worked on these projects to be given some type of national security amnesty. They’ve literally been dying to be heard but are forced to kept quiet of these amazing findings because the understanding was that if they didn’t they’d be assassinated like many of their colleagues have in the past, included noted physicists.  http://stevequayle.com/dead_scientists/UpdatedDeadScientists.html

After much thought the President finds Artemis’s tenacity infectious and promises her to correct policy, to boldly go where no President has gone before to brief the Planet of this hidden knowledge.  As a thank you the President promised Artemis that she would be the first Ambassador to represent Earth and negotiate with the “White Hat” entities who are waiting in the wings, if we just ask for the assist and change our ways!

Respectfully yours

Leslie Beil

originally written and sent on 9-14-11

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