"Each of us, individually and collectively, are responsible for our thoughts, words,and actions as these are energy which creates reality at any given moment. I want to share my insights into how important it is at this period of time for humanity to mature emotionally, evolve consciously and embrace the divine spark of light and love that exists and can be manifested in each of us." Leslie Beil

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Though The Tribe (Humanity) has always been searching for the Truth about our reality since the veil of ignorance was raised by the Service To Self (STS) negative beings, it wasn’t until the advent of 21st century technology that we’ve found definitive answers to those questions. We’ve discovered that in actuality The Tribe are multi-dimensional energy beings (MDEB’s) who don’t die as evidenced by electronic voice phenomena (EVP), photographed orbs, remote viewing, out of body experiences (OBE’s) etc. 

When our bio-suits cease to function, the vast majority of spirit souls transition into a higher resonance field of loving light. However, there are many “lost” and fractured spirit souls who aren’t so lucky for a number of reasons: They aren’t aware that their bio-suits have failed because of a traumatic death, mental illness, or issues of negative/regressive emotional energies and actions while in this reality. 

And therein lays the problem. Not only do the parasitic MDEB STS entities feed off of negative emotional energies, if the lost spirit souls aren’t freed, those negative energies can, and do, grow. Again, negative energies get embedded at the cellular level on everything: the land, buildings and all life forms on Spaceship Earth. This is one of the reasons that prevent The Tribe from evolving into a more mature, loving, compassionate society of enlightened beings. 

Unfortunately, there’s been a tremendous growth in paranormal investigations, with groups being formed, particularly in Western cultures, that aren’t aware of the damage they are causing. For over 10 yrs now I watched with growing horror as these groups go to abandoned prisons, asylums, or sites of massacres and industrial accidents. 

 But instead of attempting to heal these spaces and free those lost spirit souls, they are being goaded to “show yourself”, to manifest into physical form, throw things, or turn electronics off and on. When the lost ones do manifest nine times out of ten the actions scare the crap out of the “investigators”, who leave their fear energies behind for the negative STS MDEB’s to grow even stronger.  

This type of behavior has got to stop immediately! There needs to be a code of ethics and morals established along with possible licensing of this line of work. And it is work! Some of these people on those shows make big bucks for their collective “shock and awe” behavior for greed, profit, and ratings. About the only TV program that shows a modicum of compassion for the lost, fragmented spirit souls and gives instruction to help rid the negative energies is the Dead Files and Amy Allan. 

So I’m imploring these groups of Service to Others (STO) to become Spiritual Warriors by imitating the Jesuits by cleansing those sites after each investigation. Bring along shamans, priests, clergy, and psychic’s to assist the innocent spirit souls move into the higher light frequencies of home. At locations such as asylums and prisons, bring in diverse groups of clergy to encompass all the major faiths so they can guide them to the light. 

Spiritually minded groups can do the same thing by picking locations, dates, and time’s, then focus their positive collective thoughts and emotions to those lost spirit souls with instructions on how they can free themselves from the purgatory that is their current situation.   Keep in mind you don’t need to go to a specific location as this can be done in the comfort of your home. But always remember to protect yourselves before doing so. For myself, I envision being enclosed in a large ball of white, loving light, but everyone needs to find a method they feel works for them.

Once more members of The Tribe get involved with removing the negative energies from Spaceship Earth and reacquainting the lost spirit souls with Source – us actually as we are all ONE - we are also removing the veil of ignorance one thread at a time. This will then allow the more positive energies of loving light frequencies to shine through to assist The Tribe in their individual and our collective ascension.  

As Ed Schultz likes to say at the top of his show “Let’s get to work” and me - “be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Spaceship Earth actually, but I’m not going to quibble with Gandhi.

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