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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As I’ve been telling young writers at the Washington Post if they “follow the money” they’ll never run out of news to share with The Tribe.  So as we as Nation collectively remember THE FALSE FLAG events of 9/11, its important to “follow the money” that flowed from hardworking tax payer provided funds to the military industrial complex, elected/ appointed leaders, and their cronies.  The events following this travesty of injustice need to be viewed and remembered as crimes against ALL OF HUMANITY and the people who started the WAR of HATRED to finally be held accountable for their actions.

Most people in all branches of government, main stream media (MSM), and religion are aware that negative emotions based on FEAR are money makers for their business models.  Just look at the money that has been spent by Western governments, particularly in the US, on security measures in the name of protecting society from the Muslim hordes.  The expense of this War On Terrorism against the Muslim members of The Tribe in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere is incalculable in regards to the loss of lives, basic human rights, property, national infrastructures, and the diminishing planetary natural resources for this made up cause, all in the name of GREED!
 Ethan Jacobs wrote an excellent essay titled 9/11: Time for Truth at Activist Post.com.  In it he references a 15 minute documentary titled Solving the Mystery of World Trade Center 7 now available on YouTube where reporters, scientists, engineers, architects, and first responders relate to what really happened to WTC building 7.

But this wasn’t the only FALSE FLAG event that was perpetrated by American "patriots".  As The Tribe started questioning their leaders in regards to all the wars and waste thereof, a US government official escorted a young Muslim man onto a flight to Detroit, as witnessed by 2 Detroit area lawyers on the same flight. The US Government and their cohorts needed to reinstate the “fear factor” on the general public so they could continue their collective rape of the US Treasury.  Additionally, this young man’s own father alerted the US Government of his  suspensions of his son.  
From Wikipedia: On November 11, 2009, British intelligence officials sent the U.S. a cable indicating that a man named "Umar Farouk" had spoken to al-Awlaki, pledging to support jihad, but the cable did not reflect Abdulmutallab's last name.[61] Abdulmutallab's father made a report to two CIA officers at the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, on November 19 regarding his son's "extreme religious views",[4][62] and told the embassy that Abdulmutallab might be in Yemen.[6][19][33][63] Acting on the report, the suspect's name was added in November 2009 to the U.S.'s 550,000-name Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, a database of the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center. It was not added, however, to the FBI's 400,000-name Terrorist Screening Database, the terror watch list that feeds both the 14,000-name Secondary Screening Selectee list and the U.S.'s 4,000-name No Fly List,[64] nor was his U.S. visa revoked.[19]

U.S. State Department officials said in Congressional testimony that the State Department had wanted to revoke Abdulmutallab's visa, but U.S. intelligence officials requested that his visa not be revoked. The intelligence officials' stated reason was that revoking Abdulmutallab's visa could have foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaeda.[65]

Another great article to peruse is from Paul Theroux, published in the UK The Telegraph newspaper about how American’s Constitutional rights have been eroded to the point of being almost nonexistent even under President Obama. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/september-11-attacks/8722089/Paul-Theroux-91
But what is even more troubling to me is the lack on the part of the Wordsmiths of The Tribe in pursuit of Truth on these and other Government/Corporate corruption practices.  When I was investigating how MSM worked as a “business model” I found out that censorship of Truth is rampant, that supposedly these icons of the Fourth Estate have their hands tied or their balls in a vise grip, prevented from informing ALL OF HUMANITY of these and many other ugly TRUTHS.  Their lack of action is partly due to Corp Greed as many media outlets have ties or are outright owned by larger, non-media overlords.  I tried to get them on board this past spring by staging Tweak Leslie’s Twat Day (posted 4-12-11), wherein I envisioned the “legit” Wordsmiths of The Tribe would all write or cover stories and Truths that had been purposely  hidden in the dark from the rest of us. But they didn’t understand the “game” or couldn't, for whatever reason, join in the fun of watching TPTB crap in their collective pants.

So Tribe, it’s time for ALL OF US, COLLECTIVELY, to speak out to these Wordsmiths and their wardens to assist all of Humanity in forming a more accurate WORLDVIEW so we can finally end these negative emotions, thoughts, and words as they are energy that do create our reality at any given moment.  Tweeter, Face Book, email, just let them know they are being watched and will be held accountable. If we don't change our current collective reality NOW, it leaves the door open for more of these types of heinous crimes to be perpetrated again and again in the name of GREED! 
Remember, if injustice doesn’t have a voice, we can’t be “the change we wish to see in the world”, or, as Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently said “A time comes when silence is betrayal.”

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